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Pelc, Jacek (Tomasz)

Pelc, Jacek (Tomasz), drummer, composer, author, educator, sound engineer; b. Bydgoszcz, Poland, 12 December 1959. Bydgoszcz is a city in middle north-west part of Poland with 385.000 citizens. His mother, Barbara Pelc (home name: Gozimirska) was born in 1935 and as a girl, she took private piano lessons. His father, Zdzislaw Pelc (b. 1933), played four-row xylophone and drums in local bands in Bydgoszcz as a young man. His brother is Piotr Pelc (b. 1957).

From 1974-78, he studied at the Panstwowe Liceum Muzyczne in Bydgoszcz where his teacher was Prof. Miroslaw Zyta. From 1978-82, he studied at the Akademia Muzyczna in Katowice, where his teacher was Prof. Stanislaw Proksa.

During past 20 years of his career, he professionally performed and / or recorded with following musicians and bands: Smietana, Namyslowski, Szukalski, "Ptaszyn" (Poland) Milan Svoboda Polish - Czech Leaders BigBand, Brad Terry, Eddie Henderson, Bill Ramsey, Ed Schuller (USA), Dirk Engelhardt, Rolf Zielke and several jazz musicians from Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. He's currently co-working with various Polish & International formations as a member & leader (City Jazz, Electric Trio, East To West Quartet, Eurofonia).

As a member or leader of many groups, he played on following jazz events and festivals: Jazz Yatra (India), North Sea (Holland), Ost West, Leverkusener Jazz Tage (Germany), Istanbul Festivali (Turkey), Umbria Jazz (Italy), Jazz Jamboree (Poland), WDR Jazz Festival`1999 -  Koeln (Germany), Komeda Jazz Festival`2000, Bydgoski Festiwal Jazzowy (Poland), Bratislavske Jazzove Dni`2000 (Slovakia), Int. Jazz Festival iersen`2000 (Germany), and many others.

Pelc takes part in instrumental workshops as a teacher, leads own drummers` class and gives private lessons. He is a Jazz Forum magazine contributor writing CD reviews. He was guest soloist of the legendary Gustav Brom Big Band from Czech Republic and is a member of his own Polish and various international jazz formations (German/USA, Czech and Slovakian). His drumming, original compositions, music concepts and more can be heard on 15 versatile jazz records in his discography (4 CDs are released under  the name of Jacek Pelc).

Occasionally concerted with some international jazz names: Eddie Henderson, Ed Schuller, Michael Sagmeister, Bill Ramsey, Brad Terry, and others. Engaged by top Polish jazz leaders and bands: Jarek Zmietana & EXTRA BALL, Symphonic Sound Orchestra, Polish Jazz Stars, Zbigniew NamysBowski, Jan Ptaszyni WrUblewski, and many others. His performing skills were applauded by festivals and clubs audiences throughout the West n to - East Europe and India. He's been professionally active since the beginning of 80s.

His wife is Malgorzata and they have a son, Tomasz (born 1987), and a daughter, Anna (born 1989).

City Jazz (1994); Electric Trio (1999); UNIA (with Piotr Olszweski) (2001); GUDRUMBA (2002)
As sideperson:
Extra Ball (led by Jarek Smietana): Mosquito (1982), Akumulatorres (1984); J. Smietna Sounds: Sounds and Colours (1982-1990), Colours (1990); Milan Svoboda: Czech-Polish Leaders Big Band (1986); Wojciech Groborz Trio: After Action (1986); Katarzyna Zak: Mlynarski Jazz (1993); Jarek Smietana: Polish Jazz vol. 15 (1982-1988), Talking Guitar (1984), From One To Four (1986), Touch Of Touch (1988), Extra Cream (1991-1999);
Unissued recordings:
About 3 hours of unissued studio and radio recordings with Big Band Katowice from 1978/82;Jacek Pelc: Looking Back (1995); Dirk Engelhardt: East To West (2002)
Television appearances:
In the years 1982 - 1986 Polish TV appearances - jazz programs studio releases with guitarist Jarek Smietana (including Zbigniew Namyslowski, Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski, and others),
vocalist Andrzej Zaucha, Jarek Smietana Sounds (Polish TV), and one apearance with Jarek Smietana in Turkish TV - studio recording in Istanbul - 1988.
In the years 1994 - 2002 local Bydgoszcz TV - several appearances and interviews as Jacek Pelc and his groups, special programs, guest artists, music, news.

Press Interviews & articles (all including photos of Jacek Pelc [and] his musicians): Jazz Forum: 7/8 `1994 "Miejski jazz Jacka Pelca",
press interview by Robert Buczek 1/2 /2002 "Jacek Pelc UNIA",
press interview by Jacek Rymski Jazzi Magazine: January 2000: "Optymistyczne Akcenty",
press interview with Jacek Pelc by Barbara Przybylowicz Muzyk: 8/97 "Jacek Pelc Perkusisci o Sobie",
press interview by Krzysztof Przybylowicz, Rzeczpospolita - Kultura/Jazz: January, 3, 2000"Taneczne Inspiracje",
press article about Jacek Pelc & Electric Trio - by Grazyna Rakowicz Gazeta Wyborcza (Bydgoszcz) September, 16, 1994,"Pelc Jazz",
press article about J Pelc & his City Jazz Trio - by Robert Wichrowski, Dziennik Wieczorny (Bydgoszcz) June `1997,"Szczesciarz Jacek Pelc",
press article by - BD Dziennik Wieczorny (Bydgoszcz) October `1997 - "Jacek Pelc Special Jazz Show",-
press article by RM Ilustrowany Kurier Polski (Bydgoszcz) October/November `1998 - "Jazzman Jakich Malo",
press interwiev with Jacek Pelc - by Marzanna Hartwich, Gazeta Pomorska (Bydgoszcz) December, 6, 1999 - "Sluchaj i Tancz" - about Jacek Pelc & Electric Trio
press article by Maja Erdmann, Express Bydgoski (Bydgoszcz) `2001 - "Unia Zdecentralizowana"
press interwiev with Jacek Pelc by Slawomir Ulrich, Express Bydgoski & Polish Radio PiK - August `2002 "Zwierzenia..." A Talk with Jacek Pelc
press and radio interview by Ryszard Jasinski

Laureat Plebiscytu Bydgoszczanin Roku 2001 (Jacek Pelc was nominated by a special jury as Bydgostian Of a Year - Bydgoszcz `2001)
Provincial Administration (Voivodeship) Culture Prize - Bydgoszcz `1998

www.pelc.polishjazz.com - home page: biography, discography, interviews, photos, original music scores, news
www.2bigtoes.com - latest Jacek Pelc` CD`s (label - City Jazz Records) available via internet
www.gitaraibas.com.pl - drum workshops, notes, original music scores, MP3 recordings, music articles written by Jacek Pelc
www.jazzforum.onet.pl - CD reviews, music articles written by Jacek Pelc

Contact information:
e-mail address - jacekpelc.wp.pl

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