Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Person, Norman Naazir

Person, Norman Naazir, trumpet. B. New York City, NY, 31 December 1948.

Norman Naazir Person is a native New Yorker musician and teacher who began playing trumpet at the age of eleven. Encouraged by his junior high school music teacher William Booth, and influenced by Miles Davis, Naazir continued studying and playing trumpet throughout his public school years. After high school he decided to make music his career and enrolled in Bethune Cookman College where he received a B.A. Degree in music.

Presently, Naazir holds a Masters Degree in Education and teaches instrumental music periodically in the New York City public school system. He's Vice President in charge of Music and Entertainment  "Expressions of a Heritage" production company.

Recordings (selected):
First Impressions; N. Person & S. Farrah Live
Theater Work: 
"Brown Women Who Fly" N. Williams;
"Every Little Bit Hurts" C. Beckett;
"Physic Lover" K. Lampkin;
"Red Ridin In The Hood" Galinsky

1991  Norman Naazir Person won the distinct honor of being awarded Audelcos' prestigious "Outstanding Musical Director Award" for his work in the Audelco award winning theatrical production of  Samuel Harps, "Don't Explain".
Naazir also was the music director for the first production of Samuel Harps "Easy Livin", which was performed in 1991 at the "Theater for the New City" on the lower eastside of Manhattan.

Contact information:
website http://art-alive.com/naazir

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