Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Peterson, Daniel (Thomas)

Peterson, Daniel (Thomas), alto, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; b. Boston, MA, 16 October 1973. His mother is Willa Sussman Peterson (b. May 14th, 1953.New York, NY) and his father is Joel Quentin Peterson (b. March 11th, 1947, Newton, MA), a singer in choirs. His sister is Sarah Hart Peterson (b. Jan. 24th, 1978.Boston, MA).

Daniel studied with Raki Peebles III, 1991-1993, Duncan Martin, 1995, Felix Wilcox, 1996, Odean Pope, 1997-present, Ben Schachter, 1999-present, Temple University, 2000-present,
Ben Schachter, Terrell Stafford, Mike Natale, Greg Kettinger, and Erik Johnson. In Amherst (1991) after a music appreciation course with Max Roach, a life pursuing the study of jazz was chosen. Initially he studied saxophone (1991-1995) with Raki Peebles III, in Boston, himself a student of George Russell. Moving from Albuquerque to New Orleans and eventually landing in Philadelphia a progression occurred from practicing a prevalently free form style to one informed by the history of the music. In Philadelphia a personal approach to composition and improvisation was developed under an apprenticeship with Odean Pope. Also during this time was an avid attention to community development and promotional work culminating with the creation of a Philadelphian original music festival, Collective Voices (2000-?). During this period he also studied at Temple University with Terrell Stafford, Ben Schachter and others in Temple's Jazz Performance program.

He has performed in various settings with Odean Pope, Billy Harper, Dave Liebman, Bobby Zankel, Dave Burrell, Eddie Green, Tyrone Brown, Claudio Roditi, Ric Iannacone, Tyrone Hill, Elliott Levin, John Blake and Craig McIver. He is a co-creator of the Philadelphia composer collective Risk-Taking Type Music which presents monthly shows at the High Wire Gallery.

Recordings, Films, Broadcasts, Awards:
The Mythic Belief (with Odean Pope, 2003); Soundtrack for WHYY movie with Odean Pope's Saxophone Choir & String Quartet and French Horns (2000); recorded musicians interviews Albuquerque, NM (1996); Helen Slogoff-Schmidt Award(1992) for talent and vision in music.

Contact information:

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