Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Peterson, Noah (C.)

Peterson, Noah (C.), saxes; b. Fargo, ND, 2 October 1971. He was raised in Billings, MT. His father, Grover Peterson, played in dance bands throught the Dakota's and Minnesota under Harley Summerfeld and his own name as well as a brief stint with The Nu-beats. His mother is Joan Peterson. His middle brother Joshua started on trumpet and piano but switched to vocal performance in college eventually getting a master's in vocal performance. His older sister Paige, played clarinet through college.

Noah had piano lessons, played in the band and sang in the school choir through high school. There was a couple of pit orchestra gigs and playing on the street corners for charity during Christmas, but nothing showing an interest for a career in music. Noah enlisted in the Marines and was accepted into the Marine music program. After his enlistment, Noah enrolled in a small private liberal arts college in Portland, OR. He subsequently gathered some musician's around him and started his own booking agency. Beside scoring major corporate clients for his own gigs, Noah's company, Peterson Entertainment managed to grab the booking control over a few small festivals and various wedding trade shows.

He is currently active playing funk, folk, rock, jazz, blues, Latin and pop in various bands as a leader and as a sideman. Having two regional tours in as many years, Noah regularly plays from Portland to Eugene. He plays alto, tenor, soprano and bari sax as well as hand percussion. Ever the entrepreneur, Noah is constantly working with new groups and players.

He and his wife, Nancy (Ph.d. Organ Performance), are currently music ministers.

Lazerous Rose (1996); Sonic Foundry (unreleased, 2000); Grungelefunk, American Housewives: Cuz They're Fat (2000); Miles Ahead: Milepose 1 (2000), Milepose 2 (2001)
Radio broadcasts:
Homegrown Jazz on KMHD (2000)
Open Mic (with the band Grunglefunk, 2001); Music video for Grunglefunk (2001)

1996 - Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz w/the Temptations.
Contests: 1999 Stayton Oregon's Battle of the Bands Winner.

Contact information:
Noah Peterson


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