Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Phillips, Tina (Ann)

Phillips, Tina (Ann), vocalist, educator, writer, b. Denver, CO, 3 May 1952. Her parents are Paul and Leonora Worosello, both born in Denver. Her grandfather, Albert (Al) Martinez, was a Denver musician and saxophone player. Her Uncle Albert (Jr) Martines was also a local musician and saxaphone player.

Attended art school University of Colorado Boulder 1970-1972 and music school at University of Colorado Denver from 1979-1981. Left school to learn in the real world of jazz and began performing in the Denver region though her performance career began in 1974. She's a recognized educator, performer, and songwriter. Invited to teach clinics in public school and was a member of the Young Audience Jazz Band featuring Art Lande, Paul Warburton and Bruno Carr for five years. She's been teaching privately since 1981. Her expertise is in specialized areas of jazz improvisation, ensemble workshops, vocal studies, master classes, theory and writing, vocal maintenance, studio work and jazz performance. She studied at UCD with Jack Manno, Donna Bogard, Renee Root and in the real world with Art Lande and learned from the greats she's had the opportunity to work with.

She performed and still performs in many concert and club setting in the region including Colorado Performing Arts Festival, Jazz In the Sangres, Hyatt Regency Jazz Fest, Denver Art Museum - Top of the Week Series, El Chapultepec, The Bay Wolf Tatous in Aspen as Part of the Bruno Carr Quartet featuring Eric Gunnison, Paul Warburton and Bruno Carr, Pikes Peak Jazz Festival, Mount Vernon Country Club, Westend Tavern in Boulder with Art Lande, Tiramisu, as well as many many others over the past thirty years. She's performed in her extensive career with Art Lande, Paul Warburton, Bruno Carr, Eric Gunnison, Colin Geig, Ron Bland, Jovan Jackson, Dean Ross, Kenny Walker, Ron Jolley, Steve Holloway, Ruthie Holloway, Ellyn Rucker, Mark Simon, D Minor, Drew Salperto, Dave Rucker, Mike Freedman, Adolph Mares, Lou Fisher, Larry Holloway, Mark Diamond, Mary Stribling, Fred Hamilton, Billy Rich, Josh Filley, Dean Ross, Roger Johns, Fred Fuller, Dwight Killian, Neal Bridge, Don Grove, Clay Bielman, Joe Joe Williams, Jeff Urlab, Albie Urbon, Ted Newman, Jill Fredierickson, Paul Romaine, Nat Yarburough, John Arcotta, Charles Ayash, Kevin Smith, Hohn Pisci, Chris Lee, Rich Charlusi, Dale Bruning, Freddie Rogriquez, Homer Brown, Mark Klagstade, Topnk Edwards, Dallas Dennis, Dough Roche, Jim Riddle, Andy Wyle, Dana Marsh, Bobby Green, Pat Oliver, Joe Keel, Dave Hanson, Bud Poindexter, Larry Baird, Billy Wallace, Chuck Lanb, Joe Bonner, Tony Rodriiquez, Phil Urso, Bob and Karen Junneman, Keith Oxman, Charlie Zanichelli, Chuck Schneider, Mark Miller, Mike Marlier, Dave Hanson, Scott Martin, Marc Sabatella, Pat Oliver and others.

Tina Phillips CD is named Tina Phillips. Scott Yanow a writer for Down Beat wrote of this CD, "A talented jazz singer equally at home interpreting ballads as she is scatting...(she) pays tribute to the tradition while adding something very personal of her own. Her lovely voice is quite appealing and accessible...(she) obviously has a great future." She continues to compose and perform her originals through out the region. She has spoken a number of times at the University of Colorado Denver to music appreciation classes and is invited regularly into the school system to speak and perform and is frequently interviewed at radio station KUVO where her music is played. She also has recorded with the Bruno Carr Quartet for a Japanese tour.

Phillips is a respected jazz artist and songwriter in the Denver region. Influenced most by Betty Carter, Sarah Vaugh, Charlie Parker and her dear friend, Art Lande, her style is versatile - including straight ahead, bebop, blues or Latin Jazz. Her charismatic on-stage performance is the finishing touch.

Her son is Jacob Phillips born Denver May 15, 1980.

Contact information:
Tina Phillips
P. O. Box 12513
Denver, CO 80212

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