Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Poetzsch, Stefan

Poetzsch, Stefan, violin, viola, electronics; b. Magdeburg (former East Germany), 24 October 1963. His mother was a music teacher, Christine Sommer (b. 28.08.1935). His father, Maxwolfgang Poetzsch (b. 18.03.1935), is a painter. He has three sisters, two of which are musicians: Konstanze Bayer (b. 15.06.1966), a Baroque violinist, and Ute Poetzsch (b. 13.12.1958), a music scientist. He grew up there until 1984, after for one year political imprisoned and change to West Germany in 1985.

From 1970-1984, he attended musicschool Magdeburg, with studies in classical violin, viola and piano. In the middle 70s, he listened to a solo concert of the violinist Zbignew Seifert (Poland) and immediately it changed his music interests and life. After the long study of classical violin since the early childhood, Stefan changed his interest in the direction of jazz, contemporary music, free improvistion. After 1985 he studied in different workshops with Jasper van't Hof, Ralph Towner, Paul Mc Candless and Glen Moore, Donald Brown (composer) and Cecil Taylor.

He's performed concerts with Benjamin Boone (sax), Ha-Yang Kim (vlc), Lukas Ligeti (dr), Thomas Gabert (dr) Hermann Stengel (dr), Peter Ajtay (dr) Nathan Davis (perc), Hans Burgener (vl), Martin Schutz (vlc), Barre Phillips (b), Donald Brown (p), Cecil Taylor (p) and others. He's performed with the ensembles of Essaka Poetzsch Company, Stefan Poetzsch Ensemble, and the Leipzig Baroque Orchestra. He works aside from pure projects as musician with the dancer Bettina Essaka in various projects. He is specialised on the involvement of electronic possibilities for violin/viola in composition. He did CD and radio productions and music for theater. He received awards for his music.

As musician and composer he performed at Festivals and concerts in several countries in Europe/Africa and many times in USA. An honor was a stay as composer to work for own projects at the Atlantic Center for the Arts/Florida in 1995 (with master artist Donald Erb) and 2000 (with master artist Cecil Taylor). In 2001 he founded his own Ensemble and performed in several concerts and realized productions for radio.

He's married to the African-German dancer Bettina Essaka since 1989. They have two daughters.

Eastbound Westbound (with Benjamin Boone, 2001)
Selected projects:
Essaka Poetzsch Company: Without A Doubt/Walking/Starts/Space & Time;
Stefan Poetzsch Ensemble; different chamber music/experimental and multimedia projects;
Stefan Poetzsch Solo; Groups with Benjamin Boone (USA) - ss/as, Ha-Yang Kim (USA) Cello/Electronics, Lukas Ligeti (USA/A) - dr, Peter Ajtay (Hu), planned project with Maya Homburger and Barry Guy (GB); Electronic Chamber Music with Hermann Stegel (G) - digital drums

Contact information:
Stefan Poetzsch
Graefenberger Str. 49 b
Ph. ++49/9131/54354
Email: ESSAKA@aol.com

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