Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Poser, Florian (Hans Florian Amadeus Poser)

Poser, Florian [Hans Florian Amadeus Poser], vibraphonist, marimbist, composer and educator; b. Hamburg, Germany, 15 April 1954. His father was Prof. Hans Poser, born 1917 in Tannenbergstal/Voigtland (Germany), died 1970 in Hamburg (Germany). He was a well-known composer of contemporary music and leader of the theory-department of the "Hochschule fur Musik und Theater" (highschool for music and theater) in Hamburg. His mother is Waltraut Poser (birth name: Juttner), born 1922 in Halberstadt (Germany). She's a physician (doctor of medicine). His siblings are Bettina Schaper (b.1949 in Hamburg), a music-teacher, Cornelia Radeke (b. 1950 in Hamburg), a teacher for autistic children, Katharina Bessel (b. 1951 in Hamburg) and Johanna Niegl (b. 1956 in Hamburg), a viola-player and composer of lots of children-songs.

In 1961, he began his musical education with violoncello-lessons. In 1975, he took vibes lessons with Wolfgang Schluter (Hamburg). In 1977, he began composing (more than 200 compositions today). In 1978, he attended a clinic with David Friedman (vibes) and began studying classical drums in Hamburg (until 1981). In 1981 began teachership at the music-school of the city of Oldenburg (until now). He did a clinic with David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold, David Baker, Art Farmer a.o. in 1983. Poser has studied jazz with Wolfgang Schluter and Tom van der Geld at the "Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik" in Hamburg. He took part in clinics and worshops with Gary Burton, David Friedman and David Samuels. Poser gained reputation through tours and festival concerts with the following bands and musicians: Florian Poser's Lifeline, Hendrik Meurkens (harmonica), Klaus Igantzek (piano), Helio Alves (piano), Portinho (drums), Peter Finger (guitar), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Roberto DiGioia (piano), Thomas Stabenow (bass), Martin Wind (bass), Wayne Bartlett (vocals) and his numerous activities with his Florian Poser Group.

In 1985, he won the "Ernst-Fischer-Preis" (composition-award of the GEMA-foundation) with his composition "St. Mountain," a concertino for vibes and orchestra. He also won the the "Oldenburger Kompositionswettbewerb" (composition-award of the city of Oldenburg) with the same composition. In 1986, he toured Japan with the orchestra of the NDR (northern-german broadcasting-company). In 1987, he did a clinic with Gary Burton (vibes). In 1988, he was twice laureate of the "Jazzpodium Niedersachsen" (jazz-support-program of lower saxony). In 1989, he received the scholarship of Niedersachsen (lower saxony) and was nominated for the "Concours International de Composition de Themes de Jazz" (Monaco) with his composition "Let's groove." He was again laureate of the "Jazzpodium Niedersachsen" (jazz-support-program of lower saxony) in 1990. In 1991, he did a clinic with Dave Samuels (vibes), was a again nominated for the "Concours International de Composition de Themes de Jazz" (Monaco) with his composition "Just A Tune" and got a scholarship of Niedersachsen (lower saxony).

In 1994, he began being a professor for jazz/pop-music at the "Universitat Bremen" and the "Hochschule fur Kunste Bremen" (university Bremen + highschool of arts Bremen), where he still is today.
He was also involved in many radio and TV productions at the main radio stations of Germany.

He's married to Sabine Nolte, born 1960 in Wildeshausen (Germany), a music-teacher. His children are Jonathan Schramke, born 1989 in Oldenburg (Germany), a drummer, and Anna-Katharina Nolte, born 1995 in Oldenburg (Germany), who plays recorder.

Plays His Favourite Standards (1995); Wins (1996); Florian Poser's Lifeline: Lifeline (1980), Linie 2 (1981), Fahrt in's Blaue (1983); Florian Poser and Peter Finger: Windspiele (1980),
Im Labyrinth (1982); Forian Poser Group: Say Yes (1992), Aspects (1994), Pacific Tales (1997); Forian Poser and Klaus Ignatzek: Music For Grandpiano And Vibes (1984), Reunion (1996), Springdale (1999), Plar Lights (2002); Florian Poser's Brazillian Experience: Questions And Answers (1997); Florian Poser/Jorg Seidel/Thomas Stabenow: ... At The Seaside (1997)

Contact information:
Florian Poser
Uferstr. 56
D-26135 Oldenburg / Germany
Tel.: +49-(0)441-27409
Fax: +49-(0)441-16503

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