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Putson, Dave

Putson, Dave, electric bass, lyricist; b. Whiston Lancashire UK, 26 December 1955. His parents were Arthur Joseph Putson (24/4/1923  to 31/8/1991) and Audrey Amy Putson (8/9/1925 to 1/7/1999). His brothers and sisters are Barry (b.1945) Hilary (1950) Jacqueline (1953) Jeff (1960) Steve (1963) Terry (1966). The family lived in Huyton, Liverpool. Dave's childhood was musically formed by brother Barry and sister Hilarys record collections and their many visits to "The Cavern" and the stories they told of their experiences. Hilary being a particular fan of "The Clayton Squares."
In 1968 his family moved to Porthmadog in Caernarvonshire North Wales where his father worked at Portmeirion (he was not a number he was a Works Manager). In 1971 a further family move ensued to Newtown Powys where his three brothers and two sisters still live with their families.

Dave completed his High School education at Newtown High School and proceed to move extensively within the UK. He eventually ended up in Belvedere, Kent where he still lives. In 1977 Dave bought his first guitar and began the quest for musical information. After many evenings spent jamming with friends he eventually found his favoured instrument, the electric bass. He then signed up for lessons at The Musicians Academy in Wapping, East London. Here he was provided with formal technique and music theory lessons at the hands of Tony Muschamp, Ed Speight and Derek Baxter.

In 1989, after a year of fun and insight he applied for a place at The Musicians Institute of Los Angeles and in March 1991 began the deepest exploration of his musical abilities. He studied jazz with Carl Schroeder (worked with Sarah Vaughan et al) Fingerboard harmony with Gary Willis (Tribal Tech) sght reading with Richard Maloof (Lawrence Welk Band) ear training with Dave Keif, Todd Johnson (Ron Eschete band) Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge & Beck Bogert, Appice) Jim Lacefield (The Outsidemen) Bob Magnusson (Sarah Vaughan) Alexis Sklarevski, Steve Bailey(Larry Carlton) Paul Farnen (Mike Stern band) and many many more great players and tutors. He graduated in March 1992 and with fellow graduates Bernd Koestler and Meinrad Litterst set up the combo "So What."

"So What" toured the UK extensively on the guys return from LA. Also on his return from LA Dave took up his teaching again in between gigs. Whilst in LA Dave interviewed Gary Willis (Tribal Tech) the result of which can be read on his website listing below. In 1999 "So What" disbanded and Dave Putson and Meinrad Litterst continued to gig and write songs together. Eventually Joocypeach was formed as a songwriting outlet. Dave set up a website in 1998 to feature 25 modular courses for his Electric Bass tuition. In September 1999 Joocypeach Promotions Ltd was formed with Daveis partner Patricia. Joocypeach Promotions Ltd was primarily a business to promote Jazz and Improv music in the UK.

In 2002 Joocypeach Music Ltd was set up by them both as a label and copyright holder for Dave's compositions. In August 2002 the launch of the Joocypeach CD coincided with the launch of Joocy News the FREE band e zine.

So What (1994, unissued EP); Midnight Over Erith (2002)


Contact information:
e mail: bassplayer@joocypeach.com

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