Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Raglan, Wayne (Steven)

Raglan, Wayne (Steven), electric bass guitar, guitar; b. Jamaica, Queens, NY, 18 April 1955. His father was Arthur Raglan (September 8, 1921-November 8, 1982). His mother is Natalie Raglan (b. June 6, 1926). His sisters are Denise (b. March 4, (1953) and Renee (b. October 8, 1951).

Formerly a Brunswick Records Recording Artist, TABU Records Recording Artist Wayne Raglan is a Graduate of Queens College, Flushing, NY with two Bachelors Degrees (one in Mathematics, one Computer Science).  He is also a NAUI Certified Master Scuba Diver. Wayne started playing guitar at age 9 and received his first professional instrument at age 13 (a Gibson ES335 which he still owns) from his uncle (Leon Lewis, also a professional guitarist presently residing in Brooklyn, New York).  Wayne has worked with New York (and LA's) #1 Mix Master Tony Maserati, Anthony Jackson (Michel Camilo), Carlos Alomar (David Bowie), Chrissie Hinds & The Pretenders (you can hear his work on the Pretenders "Get Close" album, track "Light Of The Moon" for which he received a Gold Album), Joe Simon, Ben E. King, The Drifters, Johnny Thunder and Rudy Clark among others.  He started his publishing company (COMLAB Music) in 1992 and acquired AIP Recording studios in 2001.  Wayne plays classical guitar, acoustic 6 and 12 string (which can be heard on "Tears" from the album Spacewalk), jazz, rock and blues; 4-5 and 6 string electric fretted and fretless basses, drums and keyboards.  A prolific writer and producer with a catalog of over 60 songs and instrumental pieces, Wayne has played many venues from intimate jazz clubs to Madison Square Garden and performances on television and in film. 

Spacewalk (2002); Total Eclipse (2003)

Contact information:
Wayne Steven Raglan
AIP Recording
153-18 119th Avenue
Jamaica, New York  11434-2010

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