Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Reese, Tom (Thomas Grant)

Reese, Tom (Thomas Grant), composer, flutes, education; b. Lancaster, PA, 11 September 1952. His father is Harry Reese.  His mother is Nancy Reese. His brother, Kirk Reese, is also a musician, a jazz pianist.

Reese's flute teachers include Joel Behrens & Tom Strohman. He studied piano with Debbie Mack.  He studied music composition, at Hiram Scott College, Scotts Bluff, NE and Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA. He's an Artist-in-Residence (Wyndfall), Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (since 2002).  He's a Composer-in-Residence at Columbia Elementary Schools through The Commission Project (since 2001).  He's with the Fulton Opera House, "Summerstage for Youth" Faculty (since 1997) & "YouTheatre" Music Director (since 2000). He's been an artist for Galaxy, the Arts in Education Program (since 1995). For the Strand-Capitol Theater, "A Day at the Strand," he's on the faculty (since 1998). At Taylor Elementary, he's a resident composer (Feb-April 2001).  He's a resident musician at The PA Renaissance Faire (1996-2002).  He's been an artist in education (1991-93), and artist in special education (1987-94). He's on the Lancaster Athenaeum, Music Faculty (1997- 99). For Bube's Brewery, he's a special project musician (since 1980). He's worked for the CoMotion Theater, Summer Enrichment Program for Children. Also, the Hershey Museum, Special Children's Program.  He had a residency at Pittsburgh Children's Museum (1995-96).  At Price Elementary School, he was a resident musician with nationally recognized Arts Infusion Prog ram (1994-98). He's been a free-lance musician and educator (since 1980). Tom has performed in many venues up and down the east coast & midwest as a jazz, classical & folk rock flautist.    He has performed his original jazz music on Music Row in Nashville.  His band, The Reese Project, has performed in many venues & jazz festivals, including Trois Rivieres in Canada, the Lancaster JazzFest 2000, live radio broadcast concerts for WVIA (Scranton), WGMC (Rochester).  He has performed with and for jazz artists such as Bela Fleck, Valery Ponomarev & Nick Brignola.  He free-lances in many venues as a solo artist, jazz musician and educator, and performs regularly with The Reese Project, MuZette, Susquehanna, Wyndfall & The Azure Trio.  Tom is the resident teacher of composition at "Summerstage for Youth" at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster and a presenter at York's "Day at the Strand," among many other residencies, workshops, and performances.  He r ecently began a record label, Wyndfall Records. 

His wife, Laurie Haines Reese, is also a musician, a cellist. His daughters are Rebecca Reese, married with one daughter, Lillian, and Janet Reese Johnson, married with one daughter, Robyn.

Newman & Reese: Common Folk (1988), Rattling Run Suite (1989); The Reese Project: We Are Free (1994); Arcona Reel Band: Then & Now (1995), American Celtic (1996); The Reese Project: Viewpoints (1996); MuZette: Opus O'Carolan (1997); Arcona Reel Band:  First Draught (1998); The Reese Project: Blue Etude (2000); Susquehanna Ensemble:  Conversations (2001); Wyndfall: Piper's Dream (2002); Azure: Acorn (2002); The Reese Project:  Dark Kat (2003)

Awards and Honors:
2002 Just Plain Folks Award, Best Instrumental Album for Susquehanna: Conversations
Nominated for 2002 Grammy for The Reese Project: Blue Etude
Interview, WITF, "Dancing Through my Mind" with Fritz Williams (2001)
Interview, WITF, "Desert Island Discs" with Ellen Hughes (2001)

Compositions (in alphabetical order):
5 of 4 (1997), Acorn Waltz (1996), A Heart for the Art (1980), All Things Considered (1995), Allegro's Song (Vocal, 1994), Almost Wednesday (2002), A Modern Folk Tale (1994), A New Love (2002), A Question of Taste (1985), Autumn Samba (2000), Blue Etude (1999), Blue Tuesday (1999), Briar Rose (2002), Common Folk (1989), Compositions for the Modern Mind (1993), Conception: A Blues? (1998), Cool Evening Rain (2002), Dark Kat (2002), Latin Tendencies (2002), Lauri's Jig (1995), Le Valse De Neige (1999), Levi's Blues (1994), Little Miss Kelly (2002), Loose Goose Blues (1998), The Modest Request (1995), Christmas Time is Here for Us All (Vocal, 1997), Clouds in Motion (1987), Darby's Jig (1993), Elegy for Solo Flute (1997), The Key to Your Heart (Vocal, 1998), The Journey: Jesus Falls Down, (1995), Just Another Grey Day (1992), MacBeth (Original score, 1995), Metropolis (Original score, 1985), Opus Arcona (1996), Piper's Dream (2002); Rattling Run Suite (1989), The Reluctant Dragon (Original score, 1993), Simple Prayer (Vocal, 1995), Three Impressions (1995), Tin Whistle Quartet (1995), Untitled (1997), Voices From Within for Flute & Cello (1998), Waltz for Hayden: Curiosity Smiles (1997), Waltz for Lady Janet (2002), We Are Free (1993). 
Over 1,000 international radio stations have aired my compositions.

Contact information:
Tom Reese
515 Donegal Springs Road
Mt. Joy, PA 17552-2805. 
(717) 653-4805 

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