Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Reiter, Richard (Lawrence)

Reiter, Richard (Lawrence), saxophones, flutes, clarinets; b. Washington DC, 27 January 1947. His father is Jerome Reiter (b.1918, Brooklyn, NY) and his mother is Ruth Hirschfield Reiter (b. 1921, Hagerstown, MD). Both are amateur musicians:  father sings, mother plays piano.

Reiter studied saxophone with Joe Allard, David Tofani, Andrew White (all in 1970's), clarinet with Paul Eberly, William Wright (1970's), and flute with Harold Bennett (1980-82) and Britton Johnson (1977). He received a Masters Degree in Music, Catholic Univ. of America, 1972. Reiter has appeared as guest soloist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (performing David Amram's "Triple Concerto") and featured artist on both national television (Crossing Point's half hour PBS show "Live & Listener Friendly") and worldwide television (their three "Arts America" half hour shows produced by the United States Information Agency). He was on-stage soloist in Bob Fosse's Broadway musical "Dancin'" (performing Benny Goodman's clarinet solo from "Sing Sing Sing") and backup for such notables as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett (playing the "jazz tenor sax" chair), Nancy Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Linda Hopkins, Temptations and Supremes. Reiter has recorded with such artists as Marshall Hawkins, Buck Hill,Jimmy Hopps, Stan Rubin, Joe Carson and Mother Scott. In 1979 Reiter received an EMMY Award for Best Musical Score for an Independent production for his music to "Generation on the Wind," an Academy Award nominated feature documentary. Piano star Michel Camilo performed Reiter's chart "Fast Feet" with Camilo's big band and Diane Moser's Composers Big Band has featured Reiter's "Bumpy Road." In 1999, Reiter traveled to Dakar, Senegal (west Africa) where he performed with many "Afro-Pop" bands. Senegal's national radio station "Dakar FM" featured Crossing Point CDs and an interview with Reiter, who played his sax live on the air. In recognition of his talent, and with a support letter from legendary jazz artist Sonny Rollins, he has been awarded three grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.

His wife is Susan (school counselor), his son Michael (aerospace engineer) was born in 1977 and his daughter Martha (social worker) was born in 1980.

Listener Friendly (1985); Point of No Return (1988); The Time Has Come (1991); I Hear Africa (2002)

Radio and television broadcasts:    
Reiter's band was the subject of three TV shows produced by USIA and broadcast worldwide.
Reiter's band was the subject of a TV show produced by NJN (NJ's public
TV station) and simulcast on WBGO public radio.

Television and film work:
In 1979, Richard Reiter won an EMMY Award for his score to "Generation on the Wind", an Academy Award nominated feature documentary.  He scored over 70 films, TV shows, commercials and theater productions, including: "James Cagney--Top of the World" for TNT cable, with Michael J. Fox as host; "Portrait of the Artist", episode of "Monsters", syndicated TV series starring Darren McGavin;  "Electra" play produced by Olympia Dukakis for Whole Theater, directed by Austin Pendleton.

Contact information:
Richard Reiter
36 Catherine Court
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009; 
voice 973 857-2557;
fax 973 857-2935;     

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