Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Robertson, Rick

Robertson, Rick, composer, arranger, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute;

Robertson has a Bachelors in Agriculture (Massey University, New Zealand) and a Diploma in Jazz Studies (Sydney Conservatory, Australia). Robertson is probably best known for his work with the band d.i.g.  His involvement with the band being all encompassing, playing not only the saxophone but being a principal composer, arranger and co-producer of each of dig's four albums, two of which were released internationally on the Verve label with sales exceeding 100,000 units. Rick Toured with d.i.g  for eight years which included three tours to Europe, UK, USA and Canada as well as many forays into Asia . Some highlights were the Mentreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Festival, Vienna Museum Quarter Jazz Festival, Pheonix Festival (UK). D.i.g received two a.p.r.a awards. Rick's latest work includes the composing, recording and production of e.o.n's second CD. Rick also leads the band Baecastuff, formed in 1996. Baecastuff was formed in 1996 b y Robertson after he and Slater returned from a European Tour with d.i.g  which included appearances at the Montreux and North Sea Jazz festivals. The concept was to create an ensemble to present original compositions with influences from 70is Miles Davis, Dave Holland, Ornette Coleman and Jan Garbarek, and to combine that with modern rhythms such as Jungle and Drum'n'bass.  Baecastuf appeared at the Wangaratta festival of Jazz.

Rick has worked on albums for singers Carolyn Lynne and Michelle Rounds in his capacity as a freelance producer as well as co-producing nine albums for the above mentioned bands. As a session musician, Rick has played on many commercial releases including Human Nature, Ardijah, Margaret Urlich, Girlfriend.  His music features on ads such as KFC, Volvo, Ikea etc, and he recorded all of the saxophone on the ABC series Wildside and currently Channel 9's Young Lions. Arrangements include TV1 incidental music and the Foxtel theme.

Rick is currently signed to Universal Music Publishing and Creative Vibes Records. He is a Full Writer member of APRA. The latest e.o.n release The Great Indoors was recorded and much of it programmed by Rick at his home Studio using Cubase VST. Other software that played a major role was Reason, Peak and Pro Tools as well as the Roland S 760 sampler. 

Currently Rick has over eighty titles registered with a.p.r.a from music for short film (screened a number of times on the ABC and at film festivals internationally) and commercial music to funky and modern jazz tunes. Rick recently composed, recorded and produced music for the Norfolk Island Cyclorama, a purpose built circular building with an internal mural depicting the story of the Bounty Mutineers from their departure in Portsmouth to their final resting place Norfolk Island. The mural took almost two years to complete.

e.o.n.: Spin, The Great Indoors (2002); Baecastuff: Big Swell, One Hand Clapping, Out of this World; d.i.g.: four albums including Deeper, which achieved Gold status.

Contact information:
Telephone within Australia:
(02) 9913 1026
+61 2 9913 1026

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