Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rodriguez, Michael

Rodriguez, Michael, trumpeter, composer; b. Queens, NY, 14 July 1979.  In 1987, the Rodriguez family moved to Miami, Fl where he grew up.

Michael was inspired to pursue music as a career by his father, drummer Roberto Rodriguez  (b. 1959Guantanamo, Cuba). Along with brother Robert (b.1978) and sister Elaine (b.1983), Michael began studying music at an early age. He began studying guitar at nine years old and picked up the trumpet at eleven. When Michael was twelve years old, his mother, Maria Rodriguez (b.1955 Guayaquil Ecuador) surprised him by setting up his first lesson with trumpeter Arturo Sandoval. Michael went on to study with Alfredo Perez.  He studied at the New World school of the Arts in Miami, Florida and continued his studies at the University of Miami where he studied Allan Hood. After completing two years at the University of Miami, he decided to transfer to the New School University in New York where he received his B.A. He was given the opportunity to study with Laurie Frink, Lew Solof, Joe Magnerelli, and Ryan Kisor.  Michael has performed and traveled with Piani st Eric Reed. Michael has also worked with Clark Terry, Bobby Watson, Quincy Jones, Joe Lovano, Toshiko Akiyoshi Orchestra, Chico O'farill Orchestra, Lincoln Center Orchestra and has traveled with the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band, Harry Connick jr., and the Smithsonian Jazz Orchestra.  Michael is currently performing original music with the Rodriguez Bros. Group. He is a member of Charlie Hadens "New Liberation Music Orchestra" and was apart of the 2004 summer tour. Michael is also a member of the Lincoln Center afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra directed by Arturo O'Farrill.

Eric Reed: Happiness (2000); Charlie Haden: Land of the Sun; Rodriguez Brothers: Introducing the Rodriguez Brothers (2002)

Contact information:
Michael Rodriguez
1 sickles st. apt. #M5
New York, NY 10040

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