Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rogers, John (Edward)

Rogers, John (Edward), bass, broadcaster; b. 30 October 1978.

Rogers received his GED in 1995. In 1998, he was a disc jockey for one year at Fisk university radio WFSK FM 88.1. From 1999-fall 2003, he was a DJ at WRVU FM (Vanderbilt). As host of a show called "Freedom against the night" guests included Archie Shepp, Joe Mcphee, William Parker, Fred Anderson, Roy Campbell Jr, Jospeh Jarman, Frank Lowe, Andrew Cyrille, Lewis Porter, Ashley Kahn, Marshall Allen, Sam Rivers, Matthew Shipp, Yusef Lateef, Phil Schaap (two times), Marion Brown, and Joe Morris. In 1996, he formed the band "The Transcendental Crayon Ensemble" consisting of some 35 diff members over the last 6 years. They've performed on same bill as Jeff Coffin, Rod Magaha, Sun Ra Arkestra, Micehal Ray and The Cosmic Krewe, and others. He performed at a masters recital for John Thompson, Middle Tennessee State University 2000. In 1999, he formed a three-piece avant-garde group called The Neighborhood with Patrick Dolan and John Sharp. He moved to New York City in 2003.

The Transcendental Crayon Ensemble (1999); These Are The People In Your Neighborhood (self released); duets with David Maddox (unreleased 2001,2002)

Published article in Tennessee Jazz and Blues society news letter 2001 called "How Fresh Air Changed My Life About Meeting Jazz Legends In NYC";
Written up in Downbeat magazine in April 2002;
Written up in Downbeat magazine July 2002;
Written up in VAAN (Visual Artists Alliance of Nashville) summer issue 2002;
Written up in Nashville Scene Newspaper Jan 2002

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