Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rose, Dan (Daniel T.)

Rose, Dan (Daniel T.), guitar, composition; b. Elmira, NY, 6 November 1947. Mother, Sadie Veronica Crusade Rose 4/10/18- (career in US NAVY). Father, Hisel Haines Rose 9/10/19-1986 (US Marine Corps). Brother, Michael Thomas Rose 1938-2001 (USMC). Sister, Mary Francis Rose, 1954-. Sister, Dianne Lynn Rose, 1956-

Rose began music studies at age 4, first piano and later drums. He started playing guitar in 1965 and moved to New York City.  In the late 60's, he lived in San Francisco and studied with John Reible and Jerry Hahn. He toured and recorded with Paul Bley in 1973 and 1974.  First exposed to the compositions of Carla Bley and Annette Peacock, who influenced compositional technique. During 1970's was very active in New York loft scene.  Worked as organizer and performer in "Free Life Communications".   Performed in clubs and concerts, also active in various  dance companies. He helped develop and performed in first "New York Loft Jazz Celebration". He moved to Europe for two years playing clubs as leader and sideman. He's featured in the book "Jazz Guitar on Record", by Richard Hetrick. He lived in Paris 1993 - 1994, playing clubs and festivals. In 1996, he began an association with Max Roach as producer and recording engineer. He's performed and recorded with Paul Bley, Peter Warren, Marty Cook, Monty Waters, Perry Robinson, Mark Whitecage, Badal Roy, John Betsch, Jean Jacques Avenal, Jay Clayton, Keshevan Maslak, Wilbur Little, Marc Johnson, Billy Hart, Thomas Chapin, Arthur Blythe, Rashid Ali, David Eyges, Bruce Ditmas, Tom Malone, Danny Gottlieb, Mark Eagan, John Abercrombie, Tyrone Brown, Winard Harper, Joe Cohn,Lafayette Harris, Shannon  Gibbons, Jeff Williams, Ron McClure, Tony Moreno, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Ben Riley and others.

Close Opposites (1979); Conversations (1992); The Water's Rising (1997); Fountains (2002, achieved top 20 on Jazz Weekly Radio Chart)

Contact information:
Dan Rose
Tel/Fax 212-460-0901
440 E. 23 ST. #2-E
New York, NY 10010

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