Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rosen, Jay (Mathew)

Rosen, Jay (Mathew), drummer, percussionist; b. Philadelphia, PA, 20 November 1961. He's the son of Samuel (b. 1921) and Sylvia (1924-1990). His brothers, Dave (b.1951), Al (b. 1954), and Marc (b. 1955 were all born in Philadelphia. He was raided on Long Island, NY.

Rosen began music lessens at age 8(on guitar). He switched to drums 4 years later. He studied with Barry Altschul, Warren Smith, Joe Morello, Smitty Smith among others. Rosen moved to Manhattan in 1991 and has been an active member of the New York jazz scene since that time. Jay Rosen has a considerable reputation as a first-rate drummer/percussionist lending his talents to diverse musical projects. Jay has performed throughout Europe, Canada and the US (international jazz festivals and clubs) and/or recorded with Perry Robinson, Mark Whitecage, Herb Robertson, Vinny Golia, Ron Affif, Ron Mcclure, James Carter, Anthony Braxton, Steve Swell, Paul Smoker, David Prentice, Kirmit Driscoll, Gerry Hemingway, Jason Whang, Dave Taylor, Jaco Pastorius, Ratzo Harris, Ivo Perelman, Mark Feldman, Billy Bang, Dominic Duval, Reggie Workman, Howard Johnson, Joe Mcphee, Peter Kowald, Mike Stern, Micheal Marcus, Sonny Simmons, Mark Dresser, Jameel Moondoc, William Parker, Harvie Swartz, Adam Makowicz, Roy Campell, Joe Scianni, Arnie Lawrence, Tim Berne, and Kenny Werner to name a few. Rosen has built up an impressive body of recorded work, showing his unique approach to the drums. He is helping to redefine the role of the drums in cotemporary modern jazz and improvised music. He did an interview and was the cover story for the April 2002 issue of Cadence magazine. He endorses Paiste cymbals and Vic Firth sticks.

Canticles For The New Millenium (1999); Drums and Bugles (2002)
As sideperson:
Mark Whitecage: Free For Once (1996); Robertson, Duval, Rosen: Sound Implosion (1996); Micheal Stevens/ Dominic Duval: Elements (1994); Joe Scianni: Big Onion (1996); Ivo Perelman: Slaves Of Job (1996), Revelation (1996), Seeds, Vision, and Counterpoint (1996), Siero (1998), The Hammer (1998), Seven Energies Of The Universe (1999); John Gunther: Permission Granted (1997), Healing Song (1997), Above Now Below (1998), Gone Fishin' (2001); Duval, Rosen: The Wedding Band (1997); Steve Swell: Moons Of Jupiter (1997); Mark Whitecage and Joe Scianni: 3+4=5 (1998); Dahlgren, Krauss, Rosen: Resonance Impeders (1997), At All Costs, Unknown (2000); Andrew Cheshire: Relax, Keep The Tension, Please(1997); Joseph Scianni: Duets Moon Flower(1998); Trio X (Mcphee, Duval, Rosen): The Watermelon Suite (1998), Rapture (1999), On Tour (2001), In Black And White (2002); Statements Quintet: Cat's Pyjamas (1999); Mark Whitecage: Split Personality(1998), Caged No More (1997), Research On The Edge (2000), Cimphonia 1998 Pts. 1 And2 (1999); Robertson, Duval, Rosen: Falling In Flat Space (1996); Paul Smoker: Standard Deviations (1999); Dom Minasi: Finishing Touches (2000), Cosmosamatics (2001), Cosmosamatics 2  (2002), Cosmosamatics 3 (2003); Dave Taylor (2003); Alex Harding (2003); Micheal Marcus: Blue Reality (2002); Ivo Perelman: Double Trio (2003), Rosie Hertlien: 2 Letters I'll Keep (2002), Opium (2002).

Contact information:
Jay Rosen
400 w 43st. #6f. 
New York, N.Y. 10036

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