Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rothbard, Avi (Moshe)

Rothbard, Avi (Moshe), guitarist, composer, educator, b. Kibbutz Gan Schmuel, Israel 21 May 1967. While he was 6 years old, his family moved to Japan for 3 years. Rothbard entered first grade in Tamano, a small town near Okayama and was the only foreigner ever to enter the school. His parents, Frida (b.1934, Poland) and Schmuel (b.1933, Poland), holocaust survivors, immigrated to Israel in 1948.Rothbard has two older sisters, Hamuthal (b.1962) and Zahara (b.1957).

After moving back to the Kibbutz in 1977, Rothbard started to take music lessons. He took flute and Mandolin lessons and later the Bass, and finally, the guitar. While at high school, Rothbard started to play Jazz with several bands in Israel and his first professional Gig was when he was 16. He did a full 3 years military service (1985-88) and then he entered the Rubin Academy (1989-91), where he studied with Vacheslav Gannelin, Steve Peskoff, Jean Claude Jones, Amikam Kimmelman, Nahum Perperkovitk and Boris Gamer. Beside gigging with his teachers, Rothbard was already working with other young Jazz musicians like Avi Leibo, Ommer Avital, Avishai Cohen and Avi Adrian.He Moved to New York in1991 for a year and went back to Israel to except a music teaching job in Hakarmel High School. In 1993, Rothbard Auditioned to the HED Big Band for a full time Position and he stayed with them for a year. The Big Band Have worked with Vaughn Freeman, Herb Pomeroy, and was a lso accompanying some of the most prominent Jazz singers of such as Edna Gorren.from 1993 to 1995, Rothbard was One of the busiest Freelance Jazz Guitarist in Israel. He worked with Mamelo, Jesse Corren, Emil Ram, Amikam Kimmelman, Boris Gamer, Shay Zelman, Arnie Lawrence, Eli Maggen and Eli De Gibri. In August 1995, Rothbard moved to Boston, MA, to complete his degree at Berklee College. While at Berklee, Avi won the Jimmy Hendrix Scholarship (1996), wiliam Leavitt Scholarship (1997) and The Boston Jazz Society award. Between 1996-1999,Rothbard has been Consistently working in the Boston Jazz clubs circle. His employers included Rusty Scott, John Lamkin, Darren Barret, Wayne Escoffery, Bob Moses, Andy MacGhee, The Funk University, Jeremy Pelt and John Thomas. Since 1999, he has been invited to teach at the Berklee guitar sessions. After moving back to New York in 1999, Rothbard has been working in Clubs like Saint Nick's Pub, Robins Nest, Smalls, Cleopatra Niddle, Kavehaz, Smoke and Triad. In New York, he has worked with Jimmy Robbins, Rhan Burton, Ted Rosenthal, Bill Saxston, Wayne Escoferry, Jeremy Pelt, Joe Cohn, Gene Perla, Ben Dixon, Peter Bernstein, Grant Stewart, Frank Lacy, Adam Scone, Mike Ledonne, Billy Kaye, Sacha Perry, Donald Edwards, Vin cente Archer, Xavier Davis, Barak Mory and Ali Jackson to name a few.

Trio Quartet and Quintet (2001); Going Somewhere (2002);
As sideperson:
Boris Gammer: Eight till Late (1990); John Thomas: Extremely Serious Business (1996); Summa Cum Jazz - The Berklee Guitar Album (1999); Robin Machatten: Never Let Me Go (1999); Scott Boni: Where There Is A Smoke (2000); Mattan Klein: Love Alive (2001)

Television and radio broadcasts:
1989, 1990, 1995, 2002, 2003: Galey Zahal with Boris Gamer, HED Big Band, and as a leader.  1998: BET with Thelonious Monk institute all star band-Live at Aspen CO.1997

John Scofield Honoree Doctorate- Berklee Press.
His album "Going Somewhere" has been reviewed on July/2003 of Cadence and Jazztimes Magazines.

Contact information:

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