Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rotter, Thomas

Rotter, Thomas, electric bass, upright bass, composer, teacher; b. Ludenscheid, Germany, 26 October 1963.  He's married to Christa Rotter, b. 5 November1966. His two children are Vincent and Clemens Rotter. His parents are Brigitte Rotter (born Neuser), b. 12 January 1938, and Wolfgang Rotter born in 13 September 1940.

Rotter had his first guitar lessons at the age of 15, and later on, studied a little bassoon and piano. At the age of 17 he changed to electric bass as an autodidact. His first contact with jazz music and experiences was with a band called "tobago." Since 1982, he's taken part in several jazz workshops with the Austrian bassplayer Adelhard Roidinger. From 1985 to 1987, he took lessons in classical contrabass with Karl Kozinc. Since 1995, he co-operated in various broadcast and television productions of the SDR, WDR, SAT 1, deutsche Welle, as well as in numerous CD-productions. He studied from 1988 to 1992 at the High school for music in Stuttgart, Germany, electric-bass with Thomas Heidepriem and contrabass with Thomas Stabenow. Since 1990, he's been a professional bass teacher and musician. In 1992, he was a finalist in the "European Jazz Competition" in Leverkusen with Rade Soric Trio. In 1993, he got an invitation to the "Europe Jazz Contest Belgium" with Rade Soric Trio. In 2000, two compositions by Rotter were among the " Top Ten Jazz" at www.sibeliusmusic.com. In 2000, he played the Jazz Time Festival 2000 Rijeka, Croatia with Daniel Messina Band. In 2002, he played the International Theaterhaus Jazzfestival in Stuttgart, Germany with Daniel Messina Band. His current bands include the  Daniel Messina Trio,  plathandsplay, Cleber Alves/Weber Lopes Quarteto,  Thomas Rotter Band,  Gerd Vierktters Nparadigma and Ryff. He's performed concerts with Maria Joao, Gerd Dudek (European Jazz Ensemble), Bernd Konrad, Joe Viera, Herbert Joos, Hannes Zerbe, Cae Gauntt, Florian Sitzmann(Xavier Naidoo), Daniel Messina (drummer of Babara Dennerlein Group), Steve McKenna (Australia), Joe McKenna(Ireland), Dany Martinez (Cuba), Bob Degen (USA), Wolfgang Lackerschmid and many others. He currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

Rade Soric Trio: Nahendi (1992); Anne Wylie Band: Tir na Nog (1994); Rade Soric Trio: Mixturiosities (1995); Laki Chor: Sing about Live (1997); Daniel Messina Band: Imagenes (1998); plathandsplay: plathandsplay (1999); The Jazzmen: Breakfast at KennediYs (1999); Ryff: Komm, Babe komm (2000); Daniel Messina Trio: El Sol sale

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