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Rover, Christian

Rover, Christian,  (also spelled Roever or, correctly in German, Rover), guitarist, composer, educator, author.

Christian was a student on a full scholarship at Berklee College Of Music, Boston, 1987-1994. He was a summa cum laude graduate with a dual major in performance and music synthesis. His teachers included Herb Pomeroy, Gary Burton, Ed Tomassi and others. During this time, he also had private studies with Charlie Banacos and Mick Goodrick His teaching experience includes being a guitar teacher, Berklee College Of Music, Boston, summer 1995; guest professor, Musikhochschule Weimar, Germany 1995-1998; guest professor, Musikhochschule Graz, Austria 1999-2001; and professor, Musikhochschule Leipzig, Germany 1997-today.

Christian Rover & Skuli Sverrisson: Yours Roughly (1988); Igor Butman and Skuli Sverrisson (1992); Christian Rover Group featuring Jorge Rossy; Christian Rover Trio featuring Jim Black (1993); New York Impressions featuring Matt Garrison (1995); Digital Guitarworks (1996); Live - featuring Rhoda Scott at the organ (1998); Live At The Blue Note (2002)
As sideperson:
Little Big Band: Little Big Band featuring Gene Calderazzo (1989); Yumikonian Orchestra: Featuring George Garzone & Diego Urcola (1990); Kazumi Michishita: For Good (1994); Adokin & Cesar Olguin: Tangostinato (1997); Alberto Marsico: What's Going On  (1999); Brets Frets: Side-Steppin' / Berklee Allstar Guitar Ensemble (2001); Mirek Honzak: Present Past (2002)
Radio and television broadcasts:
Czech Republic, TV, Public Czech TV, 2002 Jazz festival Hradec Kralove, interview and concert Czech Republic, Radio, Public Czech Radio, 1995, concert as featured guest soloist of Radio Praha Big Band; Ggermany, radio, BR3, 2002, Jazz festival Erding, concert with Pee Wee Ellis and Rhoda Scott; Germany, TV, MDR, 2002, International Bach festival 2002 in Leipzig performing original music and Bach Goldberg Variations with Paul Shigihara and Renato Rozic; Germany, TV, 3SAT/WDR, 2001, "Jazz Round Midnight" Concert at the Subway Cologne with Houston Person and Rhoda Scott; Germany, Radio, MDR, 1997-2002 frequent performer and musical director for "MDR Kulturcafe" in various settings; Germany, TV, 3 SAT & MDR, 1998, International Book Fair Leipzig solo guitar live broadcast; Germany, Radio/TV, Deutsche Welle, 1997, Concert and interview at the 21st Internationale Leipziger Jazztage with own big band "Far East Far Out Orchestra"; Germany, TV, MDR, 1993, Solo guitar in concert; Germany, Radio, MDR, Radio PSR, Radio Mephisto and others 1995-2002, frequent interview guest and performer; Holland, Radio, TROS, 2001, Concert with Houston Person and Rhoda Scott; Rumania, TV, 2001, Public Rumanian TV, Concert with Romeo Cosma; USA, TV, PBS, 1994, "European Jazz window" with Christian Rover Trio; USA, Radio, PBS, 1991?, broadcast of John Zorn's Cobra and Hue Die with
David Fuzinski conducted by John Zorn and recorded at Museum of Fine Arts Boston; USA, Radio, 1987-1995, various performances on WERS, WBCN and others
with own groups
Unissued Recordings:
1987-1995 countless concert recordings (audio/video) of own band; projects with Chris Cheek, Chris Speed, Mark Turner, Andrew D'Angelo, Shamus Blake, Diego Urcola, Jim Black, Jorge Rossy, Dan Rieser, Marc Miralta, Chris Wood, Skuli Sverrisson, Matt Garrison, Matt Penman, Helio Alves, Scott Kinsey, Geoff Keezer and many others.
1996-2002 concert recordings (audio/video) from various tours in Europe, Japan etc. of own projects and in bands with Houston Person, Pee Wee Ellis, Rhoda Scott, John Stowell etc. and many European musicians such as Emil Mangelsdorf, Gildas and Jean-Batiste Bocle, Mika Pohjola, Piotr Barron, Alberto Marsico, Steve Hamilton etc.

Major Profiles and interviews (most recent):
Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany 2002
Musikus, Czech Republic 2002
Soundcheck, Germany 2001
Gitarre & Bass, Germany 2001
Activities as writer and journalist:
Regular contributor to the European magazines, Gitarre & Bass, Musiker, Fachblatt and others from 1985-today
Interviews and featured articles with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Freddie Green, Jim Hall, Allan Holdsworth, Hiram Bullock, Scott Henderson, Adam Rogers, Lee Ritenour, Robben Ford, Toots Thieleman, John Pattitucci, Mark Egan, Danny Gottlieb, Kenneth Nash, Richie Beirach, David Liebman, Ralph Towner, John Abercrombie, Larry Carlton, Howard Roberts and others

1993 Joe Zawinul Award, Berklee College Of Music, Boston, USA
1991 Berklee Achievement Award
1990 Berklee Performance Award
1989 Music Fest USA (sponsored by Downbeat)
            "Best Electronic Group" (Duo "Yours Roughly" with Skuli Sverrisson)
             "Outstanding Soloist" Award
1983 & 1985 Jugend Jazzt, German Jazz competition

www.christianrover.com (Main site - others feature same content at the moment but are scheduled to be subdivided by topic and focus soon)
Some websites with references:
http://www.usti-nl.cz/jazzfest/rover.htm (Czech)
http://www.xs4all.nl/~sjw/organic.html (Dutch)
http://www.jazzitalia.net/artisti/albertomarsico.asp (Italian)
http://members.tripod.co.jp/michion/discography.html (Japanese)
http://www.detangueros.com.ar/Espaniol/Enelmundo/Paises/Japon.htm (Spanish)

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