Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rubyana (Anna Teresa Carilli)

Rubyana [Anna Teresa Carilli], flutist and composer/arranger; b. Hartford, CT, 5 September 1947. Her mother's maiden name is Teresa Maria Ali. Her father, Umberto Aloiysis Carilli, was a prizefighter that was heavyweight champion Joe Louis's sparring partner.

Rubyana studied at Julius Hartt, Mannes School and Berklee College of Music. A prodigy of John Wummer (late first flutiest of the New York Philharmonic and NBC Orchestra), Rubyana played with jazz bassist Major Holley and jammed with Jimi Hendrix. Rubyana's compositions bridge twelve tonality with French Impressionist harmonic structures and universal rhythms. She resides in New York City. Her musical compositions include Opera "Joan d'Arc", Requiem, Jaguar Symphony, Issis Ballet, Five 21st Century Compositions for Flute, Jazz Composition "Red Blues" (Chicago Blues/Blues Etudes), Mandolin Notebook (Series of Petite Compositions), Five Sonatinas for Piano, Oratorio, and  Fugue Raga. She teaches masterclasses in Flute, Arranging and Composition.

Author of The Red Book, designed to bridge technical exercises into geometric thinking for the 21st century flute player.
Music Books:
Realm of Musical Sound (Patrick Publication)
Etudes En Rouge for Flute (Classical/Colin Publications)
Etudes En Rouge for Flute (Jazz/Colin Publications)
Etudes En Rouge for Flute (Dexterity/ Colin Publications)
The Little Jazz Blues Flute Book (Little Piper)
The Art of Raga for Flute
The Red Book Definitive Exercise for the 21st Flute (Little Piper)
The Composer's Book (Colin Publications)
5/4 Definitive Rhythm Cycle
Joan of Arc: An Opera in One Act

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