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Rupp, Olaf (Oliver, Ludwig)

Rupp, Olaf (Oliver, Ludwig), guitarist; b. Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany, 22 May 1963.He's the son of Armin Rupp, blind-school-teacher and Christel Rupp, housewife, later elementary-school-teacher. His family soon moved to Bardenbach, a small village in northern Saarland, where he spent most of his youth. His brother Raoul is one year older. In 1975 his parents divorced. His mother took the name Christel Schtoum again.

In 1975 Rupp found a guitar and started to teach himself to play. He tried to play classical repertoire pieces and rock songs but most the time after a few minutes he ended up improvising wherever his mind took him. But he heard about Improvised Music and Free Jazz only decades later, so for him (and the people around him) improvisation was something quite wired. In 1982 he finished German secondary school, spending one year just practicing (guitar and starting to play cello) at the next larger town Saarbr'cken. He refused army service and had to face a trial for that, and then had to work as a geriatric nurse for three years. In 1986 he was refused access to music academy (Stuttgart). He studied translator for Spanish and English at Saarbr'cken University (Diplom) from 1987 until 1992. During that time he always continued his self-taught musical studies. During and after University he worked as night-watch and emergency nurse in hospitals, on con struction sites, in factories, as driver, deliveryman, comparse at the opera, typist, kitchen help and in many other interesting fields. In the 90s he played electical guitar with a lot of digital electronic devices and played improvised Pop Music in duos with drummer Hanno Leichtmann (EmakBakia) and later Stephan Mathieu (Stol). Both duos moved to Berlin in1993 to benefit from the many possibilities the fall of the wall offered to the underground arts movement. All this (EmakBakia, Stol and the many possibilities for the underground) did not last very long, but in Berlin, Olaf Rupp also could meet and play with many other improvising musicians, like Rudi Mahall, Butch Morris, Paul Lovens, Johannes Bauer, Sainkho Namtschylak, Wolfgang Fuchs, Tony Buck, Joe Williamson, Toshimaru Nakamura, Aki Takase.  Now he focuses on acoustic guitar solo performance.

Life Science (2000); Scree (2002)
As sideperson:
Sampler: SilkeArpBrichtMiniaturen (1994); Semiprimavista (1996); Butch Morris: Berlin Skyscraper (1998); Stol 12" (1998); Beastieshopbeach (1998); September (1998); Mai (1999); Beastieshopbeach (1999)

Contact information:
Olaf Rupp
Elbestrasse 28
D-12045 Berlin

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