Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Rydin, Hakan (Andersson)

Rydin, Hakan (Andersson), pianist; b. Gislaved, (South) Sweden, 4 January 1951. For 25 years, he's lived in Malmo, the very South of  Sweden. His father was Anders Rydin (Nov 6, 1914-Nov 22, 1995) and his mother was Eira Rydin (March 23, 1923-Oct 2 1984), the latter an amateur piano player. He has two siblings, David Rydin (b. April 8, 1954), an amateur bass player, and Jonas Rydin (b. Jan 30, 1956), an amateur piano player.

Rydin studied at the Malmo Academy of Music 1976-78. His teacher was  Horace Parlan. Rydin has performed with among others Thad Jones,  Pepper Adams, Red Mitchell, Etta Cameron, Enrico Rava, Georgie Fame,  David Friesen and Dave Liebman. The Edmonton Journal (Canada)  described his style as "lyrical and cooking." A collaboration with  American singer Kim Parker began 1988 with a tour in Sweden and since  then they have performed in France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Estonia,  Ireland, Denmark, Finland, USA and several times in Canada. He was an  associated professor of piano at the Malmo Academy of Music 1998.

His wife is Barbro Rydin (b. 1946), a teacher of eurhythmics and  cello. His son is David Rydin (b. 1981) and his daughter is Emma  Rydin (b. 1985).

Nexus: Nexus, Nexus meets Enrico Rava, Nexus in Canada: live at the  Yardbird Suite; Kim Parker & Hakan Rydin Trio: Beautiful Friendship;  Gitte Palsson & Hakan Rydin: Novemberljus, Hakan Rydin Scandinavian  Trio: Tender Silhouette; Elisabeth Melander & Hakan Rydin Tentet: A  Splendored Thing.
As sideperson:
Lasse Olson: Undringar, Just in Time; Ulf Radelius: Connection

Radio and television broadcasts:
Lots a national radio and TV programs in Sweden since mid-seventies. 
Also TV in Spain, Russia, Canada and Italy. Twice a radio broadcast in all EBU-countries.

Soundtrack to the short film "Communication"

Twice featured in OJ (OrkesterJournalen, Stockholm), the oldest jazz magazine in the world.

Gungan award 1976 (...Nexus best group..."
Svedala (the town where he lives) Cultural Award 1991


Contact information:
Havregatan 2, SE23338
Svedala, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)40 400 357
Mobile: +46 (0)708 101 301

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