Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Salter, Jr., Gilbert A.

Salter, Jr., Gilbert A., composer, arranger, bass, electric bass, engineer, author; b. Plainfield, NJ, 1956. He was born to Mary C. and Gilbert A. Salter, Sr. in 1956.

Gilbert's musical career started as a singer while he was 3 years old taught by his father.  At the age of 7, Gilbert and older sister, Donna and his brother Garrett were singing as a trio in church.  Gilbert has been playing the bass since 13. Gilbert continued to grow by playing and directing his church's choir, a position he would hold for 28 years.  He recorded his the first album of the "Liberated Gospel Choir" of Livingston College while serving as their president in 1978.  At Livingston College, Gilbert studied music under jazz greats, Kenny Barron, Frank Foster, Ted Dunbar, and Larry Ridley.  Gilbert graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Engineering from Livingston College, Rutgers University with a minor in music.  Gilbert has performed on several albums, recording projects, theatrical plays and musical productions while honing his craft as an engineer/producer for various choirs and instrumental groups.  Some of which are Plainfield Community Choir, Peter Winsted, Voices of Holiness, Encouragement, and Josh Thomas.  Gilbert is a free lance as an audio engineer/producer as well as a computer programmer/analyst for over 20 years.  Always displaying a profound love for Gospel and Jazz music, Gilbert has been a faculty member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America since 1995, teaching "Recording Techniques and Sound Systems" and Electric Bass.  In 1998, Gilbert started his own production company called "Build-A-House Productions", a division of  "for "Keepers Of The SouL Productions, Inc" New York, NY, producing his first jazz artist, Monica Crosby.

Liberated Gospel Choir: Spread The Word (1978); Jon Harley presents Plainfield Community Choir (1988); The Voices Of Holiness: In Times Like These: (1993); Monica Crosby: Simply Monica (2002); Higher Praise 3 (2003)

Books: "The New Millennium Gospel Bass Book" 2003 Greg Williams, Charles Wingate, Gilbert A. Salter, Jr.

Contact information:
Gilbert A. Salter, Jr.
c/o Keepers Of The SouL Productions, Inc.
PO Box 964
New York, NY  10116
(954) 547-5384

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