Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Sandhaus, Jody

Sandhaus, Jody, singer; b. Houston, TX, 29 April. Family moved to Malverne, New York from Houston while she was an infant. She lived there through the fifth grade, and then the family moved to Hewlett Bay Park, New York. Her father, (Harold Sidney, b. 1916), is an internist who was born in Lancaster, PA and practiced in Valley Stream, NY. Her mother (Helen Newmark, b. 1923) was born in Brooklyn, NY. Her siblings are brother Robert Alan (b.1949) and sister Jane Holly,(b. 1955).

Jody was surrounded by music although no one in the family was a professional musician. There was music always in the house, playing many instruments, singing, or listening. Listening was primarily classical, and opera with some Tom Lehrer thrown in. Jody started piano lessons at the age of 4, and continued through college. She studied flute about the age of 8-10, and taught herself guitar in high school. She earned her BA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where she had the opportunity to continue music at the Cleveland Institute of Music which shared the campus. There she continued with piano and took voice lessons.  She sang professionally for the first time (accompanying herself on the guitar) in the Lake Placid, New York after freshman year at Case. After 2 years in Amherst, MA, she moved to St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies for 4 years. It was there that she had her real first jazz experience playing with an off-island trio that came to work at what was then the Hilton Hotel. Returning to the States she started working with bands, quitting to freelance after 2 years. Today she continues to sing in the choir of Devoe Street Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York every Sunday.

She is married to pianist Peter G. Malinverni and has three children; Hayes b.1983, Guss b.1989, and Peter Luca b. 1995.

Winter Moon (1995); I Think Of You, Cap (2001); A Fine Spring Morning (2004). She has also sung on albums recorded and produced by Rob Silvan, Charlie Haynes, and others respectfully forgotten.

Radio and television broadcasts:
She has sung on commercials, and sang live on WNYC performing original music by Pete Malinverni.

Contact information:
Jody Sandhaus
241 Avenue of the Americas, 1C
New York, New York 10014
212. 206.8634

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