Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Satek, Pablo

Satek, Pablo, guitarist, educator; b. San Fernando, BA, Argentina 18 April 1973. He grew up in a middle class family composed by his mother Lia Talevi (4/1/54), father Ricardo Satek (10//22/40) and sister Maria Fernanda Satek(4/30/76).

Satek started taking guitar lessons at the age of 16 while he was at high school. Listening to the Beatles he started his first band playing rock and roll and blues. After a while, he discovered jazz listening to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and everything changed for him. He began taking jazz guitar lessons mainly. Among his teachers we can find names like Sacri Delfino, Luis Dagostino, Marcelo Kitai, Ernesto Jodos and Pino Marrone. In 1999 he got a degree in music at the I.T.M.C.,a branch of the G.I.T. of  L.A. in Argentina. He also participated in clinics and workshops with Scott Henderson, Sid Jacobs, Armand Sabbal Lecco (Paul Simon bassist), John Stowell and Robben Ford. In January 2000, he took lessons with Joe Diorio in L.A., USA. He also studied in July 2001 with another great jazz guitar player John Abercrombie in New York.

He currently teaches at the I.T.M.C. in Argentina and conduct seminars, workshops and gigs in South America.

Solo Jazz Guitar (2002); Beatles for Solo Guitar (2004); Solo Jazz Guitar Live (2004)
Cesar Pradines in La Nacion newspaper from Argentina
Richard Bouncier: http://www.jazzreview.com/cdreview.cfm?ID=3924
Mariano Albergoli: http://www.jazzreview.com/guestreview.cfm?ID=671

Transcription books:
Pablo Satek: Solo Jazz Guitar Transcriptions Book (SK music, 2003)
Pablo Satek: Beatles for solo guitar Transcriptions Book (SK music, 2004)

Contact information:
phone: 54-11-47-87-61-24

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