Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Satoh, Hitoshi

Satoh, Hitoshi, pianist, arranger, composer; b. Sobue City, Nakashima, Aichi, Japan, 2 April 1955.

Satoh had piano lessons from about age 6,and he to listened to Beatles in Childhood. He liked Brothers Four too and played chorus with his brother (Shin b. In 1953) and friends. He copied chorus part and taught parts of the melody to other members.  He tried to start a Jeff Beck cover band in school days and sung rock vocal. He belonged to Jazz Big band circle in Univ. He loves Count Basie, Thad Jones etc. He longed for singing with piano like Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder at 21 age, and learned how to. He sang and played the piano at Akasaka's Music lounge Popo. After Univ, he became Computer Engineer and Music life was put on hold. He stopped playing the piano for a long time (about 20years). But after he bought Midi in 1998, his music spirits woke up. He made a one-man band "Metamorphosis-One" and started to make his music. He records about 4 chorus voicing with himself and arrange all genre music.He began to make original songs and released hi s songs by Internet. In May, 2002, he joined mp3.com. His instruments are a NEC PC-LM600J52DC, RODE NT-1, SHERE SM-58, Art TUBE MP Studio, Roland UA-30, and YAMAHA MU-15.

Who is Metamorphosis-One?,2002 http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/cds/261/261972.html
Internet mp3streaming, download performance from mp3.com, 2002   http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/372/metamorphosis-one.html
InternetRadio streaming performance from Pitt Radio,2002 http://pittradio.bottomlesspitt.com/
Internet video clip performance from HP, 2003 http://www60.tok2.com/home/metamor1/video/wmp/video000.html
Metamorphosis-One Original Song: Main site for English listeners http://www.mp3s.com/stations/metamor1_english
Metamorphosis-One Back Site for English listener: Back Site. http://metamor1-web.hp.infoseek.co.jp/Index_english.html

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