Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Satoh, Masahiko

Satoh, Masahiko, pianist, composer, arranger; b. Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 6 October 1941. His f ather  Yoshiaki Satoh 1903-1975, born in Gunma pref.Japan; mother, Mitsuko Satoh 1906-1973, born in Tokyo Japan. His brother is Hiroyoshi Satoh 1929-.

Satoh studied piano(classical)  with Fusako Kaminuma  /1947-53, Yutaka Itoh /1952-56. He also studied violin with Kan Hatoyama /1946-50. He learned jazz by playing gigs. He graduated from Keio University.  He studied composition with William Maloof, jazz piano with Ray Santisi at Berklee School of Music from 1966 to 1968. Jazz festival appearances include the Berlin Jazz Festibal (1971), Donaueschingen (1980), Moers (1982), and Montreux (1972). As composer he has been writing scores for motion pictures, TV dramas, advertising films, sound logos for the companies. He created his own production label BAJ Records in 1997. As of 2002, BAJ has released 20 titles of enthusiastic albums.

Among more than 300 LPs and CDs including 80 leader albums, outstanding works are Palladium (1969, Japan Jazz Award by Swing Journal Magazine); Four Jazz Compositions (1970); Yamataifu (1972, The Award of Exellency at the National Art Festival of Japan); S'posin (with Helen Merril and Gary Peacock) (1971); Cha Gall Blue (duo with Eddie Gomez) (1980); Maiden Voyage (with Art Farmer, Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette) (1983); Your Eyes (with Nacy Wilson); Amorphism (1985); Forbidden Lover (with Nancy Wilson, Carl Anderson and Branford Marsalis (1987);  Randooga (with Wayne Shorter) (1990); Buddhist Music With 1000 Syomyo Voices (1993); Sonatina (1998)

Contact information:
Shibuyaku Sendagaya 3-53-14
Tokyo, Japan 151-0051

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