Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Satyan, Arthur

Satyan, Arthur, pianist, composer, arranger; b. Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 23 Mary 1973. Father, Edouard Satyan was born in 1935 in Azerbaijan. His father introduced him to the piano when he was four. Mother, Josephine Avetisyan was born in 1940 in Armenia. Both parents have a music college education of playing violin. Satyan family is very known in Armenia as musical family. Almost all members of this family are musicians, mostly composers. Most famous are Ashot Satyan, who is one of the classics of Armenian Traditional Music; Aram Satounts-Satyan - classical composer, one of pioneers of Armenian Modern Classical Music; Aram Satyan, who is very known as a songwriter, contemporary classical music composer, nowadays professor of Armenian Higher Conservatory. Arthur Satyan is the only jazz musician.

Satyan has taken part, and won, classical composition competitions in Armenia, Russia and Georgia. By the age of seven Arthur was attending musical school, studying piano (with Yevgenia D. Sobol), theory & solfeggio, music history, and composition (with Stepan Rostomyan). At 16 he went on to A.Babajanian Music College, taking courses of polyphony and harmony in the Jazz Department  (with Artashes Kartalyan), continuing studies of a serious composition, and taking courses of jazz piano in the Jazz Department with Artashes Kartalyan. At 20 Arthur joined the Komitas Armenian National Higher Conservatory of Music (Composition Department), where his teachers were Avet Terteryan (orchestration), Edward Mirzoyan and Arthur's uncle Aram Satyan (composition), Robert Atayan (Armenian Music Analysis), Edward Pashinyan (harmony), and graduated in 1997, receiving Masters Degree in Composition. In all, he spent 10 years at V.Belinsky High School (1980-1990), 8 years at Tigranian Music School (1980-1988), 4 years at A.Babajanian Music Collage (1988-1992) and 5 years at Komitas National Conservatory of Music. (1992-1997). In 1996 Arthur travels to Beirut. He is very active as a jazz performer and educator throughout Lebanon. He teaches classical piano and jazz improvisation at the National Conservatory of Lebanon. He holds the house pianist position at the "Blue Note Cafe" where he performs weekly with local and touring jazz artists. He has also performed with musicians such trumpeters Tex Allen, Ray Vega and Ed Cherry, saxophonists Charles Davis and Charles Owens from New York; singers Joe Lee Wilson, Melissa Walker, Deborah Davis and Phillip Manuel; guitarist Larry Coryell; Murali Coryell, etc. In Beirut Arthur formed with contrabassist Jack Gregg and drummer Steve Phillips "Three Wheel Drive" band, performing an original music and jazz standards sometimes with Tom Hornig (alto & tenor saxes) and Eric Schultz (guitar). He is also active in the Latin and Funk Stiles, playing with his "Nothing Personal" and "Arthur Satyan Trio" in and outside of the country with Lebanese stars Abboud Sadi (bass), Fouad Afra (drums), blues man Chadi Nachef (vocal, guitar), saxophonist Avo Tutunjian, Syrian-Armenian saxophonist Hratch Kassis (Eretsian) and percussionists Rony Barrak and Ibrahim Jaber. He also does performing and arranging for one of the best Lebanese singer Julia Boutros. Recent tours have taken him to France, Russia, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Germany, etc.

Arthur's wife is Houri Sarafian, born in 1963 in Lebanon, Beirut. She is one the leading classical pianists in Lebanon. Teaching at Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of music.

His best known compositions are: 2 String Quartets; Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra; Cycles for Piano (Variations on the melody); Sextet for Piano, Vibraharp and String Quartet; "Suite" for Jazz Quartet; and Jazz-Duets. He's done a dozen compositions for big band, electric &  acoustic bands.

ART for ART's sake; La CD-Theque; Jazz is alive and well and living in Beirut; Julia Boutros: Bisaraha (as arranger and pianist)

Television and radio broadcasts:
Many TV shows for Armenian and Lebanese TV and Radio Stations: Future, LBC, NEW TV, NBN TV, ORBIT TV (Lebanon); H1 TV (Armenia), A1 TV (Armenia).

Articles about Arthur Satyan in Daily Star (Lebanese Branch),  L'Orient du Jour, Many Local Armenian and Lebanese newspapers.
Gareth Smyth.i Daily Star i September 17, 1998.

Won and participated in many competitions and Festivals. Recent participation was "Jazz Piano competition of Martial Solal" in France.

Professional experience:
1980 to 1996: Regular participation in many international composition competitions and festivals
1990 to 1995: Music Band Leader at the State Chamber Theatre.
1991: First Performance as Jazz Pianist at International  Jazz Festival, Jazz Days.
1993 to 1996: Regular gigs at Armenia Hotel Jazz Club, Downtown Jazz Club, Amadeus Music Club.
1993 to 1994: Pianist at the Armenian National Jazz Orchestra.
1995 to 1996: Pianist/Arranger at the Armenian National Radio & TV Orchestra.
1996: Three Wheel Drive Bandi: Jack Gregg (acoustic bass) and Steve Phillips (drums), Featuring Thomas Hornig (saxes) and Eric Schultz on guitar.
1998: Nothing Personal: (Lebanonis premier Funk and Latin ensemble). Featuring Co-Leader Abboud Saadi, bass; Hratch Kassis, saxes; Fouad Afra, drums.
1998:  Professor of Piano at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory Of Music.
1998:  Participated in the 2nd International Jazz Piano Competition Martial Solal.
1998 to 2000: Heineken Jazz, Hamra Music and Lebanon 2000 International Festivals
2001: Jazz and Blues Festival with Rony Barrak quintet.
1998 to 2002: Concerts and Tours through Middle East, France, Russia, Germany with Jazz and Arabic Bands, Concerts and Master Classes for Lebanese Higher National Conservatory.
1998:  House Pianist at the Blue Note Cafe. Beirut. Gigs and concerts with special guest stars:  Larry Coryell, Charles Davis, Tex Allen, Jenny Evans, Joe Lee Wilson, Charles Owens, Melissa Walker, Deborah Davis, Murali Coryell, Ray Vega, Ed Cherry, Phillip Manuel, etc.    
2002: Arthur Satyan Trio or A.S.T. fusion group, performing Arthuris original. 

Contact information:

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