Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Schaberl, Martin

Schaberl, Martin, guitars, sitar, loops, piano, percussion, vocals, composition, arrangement; b. Graz, Austria, 30 December 1968.

Schaberl has studied with Harry Pepl, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Karl Ratzer, Christian Rover, Guido Jeszensky, Bob Mintzer, Agostini di Giorgio, Wayne Brasel between 1990 and 2003. He's done studies at the University of music and dramatic art, Graz, subjects jazz and classical guitar, mastership. He's been a guitar and keyboard player in different bands, arrangements for different personnels and choir. He's cooperated and done CD recordings in musicals, folk music, and his own projects. Teacher and accompanist with clinics, seminars, workshops and at the University of Jazz and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria. He's cooperated with various vocalists and also for their workshops. Composes and arranges the music of the jazz band NOX . They've performed at festivals for example Jazzfest Vienna, Jazzfestival Wiesen, Grasberg Open Air, Jazz Jamboree, Warszawa, Zaduszki Jazz-Festival, Krakow, Mumyhua.

Nox (1994); Yellow Clouds (1998); New Ideas (2002.


Contact information:
Martin Schaberl
Kasernstrasse 92/19, A-8041
Graz, Austria

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