Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Schwarz-Bart, Jacques (aka Brother Jacques)

Schwarz-Bart, Jacques (aka Brother Jacques), tenor sax, composer; Born in the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe,

Brother Jacques quit his career in law and politics in Paris, to answer his calling as a musician.  As a child growing up in the Caribbean in a Guadeloupean/Jewish household, where he taught himself how to play hand drums and guitar, Jacques Schwarz-Bart found himself inspired by the classic R&B and improvised jazz music of the day and prior including Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. These early exposures to such greats, along with a love of contemporary hip-hop, have manifested themselves in the present work of Brother Jacques. Graduating from Berklee, he's performed with musicians such as Giovanni Hidalgo, Danilo Perez, Roy Hargrove, D'angelo, Meshell N'dgeocello, Eric Benet, Erykah Badu, Soulive, Amel Larrieux and Abbey Lincoln. Jacques has recently focused his energies on writing, producing and performing his own original material.

Currently Jacques Schwarz-Bart, aka Brother Jacques, is collaborating with such artists as N'dambi, David Gilmore, Ari Hoenig, Jason Lindner, Maya Azucena, Mario Canonge, Jeremy Mage, Ralph Tamar. He's toured with Giovanni Hidalgo (1994), Danilo Perez (1995, Bob Moses (1995/1997), Roy Hargrove (1998/1999/2002/2003/2004) and D'Angelo (1998/1999/2000). His latest creation is The Brother Jacques Project, performing in the USA, Europe and the Caribbean.

Inspiration; Immersion
As sideperson:
MeShell N'degeocello: Cookie; Erykah Badu: Mama's Gun; Soulive: Doing Something; Roy Hargrove: The RH Factor; Giovanni Hidalgo: Time shifter/ The best of....; Bob Moses: Nishoma (featuring Abbey Lincoln); D'Angelo: Live CD from the Voodoo tour; Ari Hoenig: The Painter; James Hurt: Dark Grooves; Olivier Hutman: Brooklyn8; Eric Benet: New; Sasi Shalom: Endless Nights; Amel Larrieux: Brave Bird; Jeremy Mage: Crazy Heart; Frank Nicolas: Jazz Ka Philosophy; Janita: Live at the Cutting Room; Akiko: Akiko's Holliday; Mario Canonge; Michel Alibo Beetova Obas: Ke'me Poze; Fernando Hergo: Living Our Times

Giovanni hidalgo and Changito: instructionnal video
D'angelo:Send it on, Male divas VH1, Live at Montreux
Roy Hargrove: Crisol featuring Chucho Valdes, Roy's big band at Marciac Jazz Festival
Cee-lo: Closet freak

Contact information:
917 295 65 00

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