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Seeger, Brian

Seeger, Brian, guitar, composer, producer; b. Mt. Clemens, MI, 27 August 1960. His family moved frequently, spending time in California, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. He has lived in New Orleans since 1991.

Seeger studied computers and music at the University of Florida, Tallahassee from 1978 - 1980, music at Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey (BA 1989), and guitar performance at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts (BM summa cum laude 1989). In 1999, he received his Masters in Jazz Performance from the University of New Orleans, where he studied with Ellis Marsalis, Steve Masakowski and Edward Petersen. Brian began playing violin at age 8, switching to saxophone at age 9, before settling on the guitar at the age of 11.

Seeger has been extremely active in New Orleans diverse music scene. He is well regarded in a number of musical circles, spending equal amounts of time performing Jazz and New Orleans music, soul jazz and instrumental funk, as well as performing contemporary jazz, free jazz and experimental music. He has toured extensively with New Orleans piano legend Davell Crawford, and drum phenom Stanton Moore. His compositions have appeared on the discs of numerous artists, and he has produced a number of recordings for notable New Orleans artists.

Besides his activities as a performer and producer, Seeger is a reknowned educator. He currently is a faculty member at the University of New Orleans, where he teaches Advanced Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Pedagogy, and Practical Music Business for the Performing Artist. He also is a faculty member at Loyola University, and the National Guitar Workshop.

Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Seeger has lived part time in Astoria, New York.

Finger to the Universe (Lakefront Digital 2002);
Qunitology: Blues by 5 (2000)
As sideperson or producer:
The Paisleys: Sea Change (Fresh Sounds 2007) - producer;
Jesse Lweis: Union (Lakefront Digital 2002) - producer/performer;
Stanton Moore: Flying the Koop (Verve 2002) - performer/composer;
Olivier Bou: Boo-Shah-O-Ray (2002) - producer/performer;
Chevere: Baila Mi Ritmo (2000) - producer;
Stanton Moore: All Kooked Out (Fog City Records 1998) - composer/performer;
New Orleans Funk Ensemble (Turnipseed Records 1998) - performer;
Quintology: Quintology (1998) - producer;
Loren Pickford: River People (BMG 1996) - performer;
Lucas Pickford: Boston Union (1996) - performer; 
Neslort: Martian Circus Dance (1996) - performer;
Theresa Andersson: Vibes (Rabadash Records 1994) - performer/composer; 
Neslort: Mother's Call (1994) - performer;
Neslort: The Offering (1993) - performer;
Loren Pickford: Elysian Fields (BMG 1993) - performer
Unissued recordings:
Gentilly Groovemasters (2006); with Jesse Lewis (2006);
Numerous dates with Charlie Dennard (1999 - 2001),
Ed Petersen and the Test  (1996)

Main Website: brianseeger.com

Contact information:
(504) 484-7979
booking: booking@crescentcityartists.com

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