Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Sellenraad, Will (Willem Piet)

Sellenraad, Will (Willem Piet), guitarist and composer; b. New York City, NY, 28 February 1971. His parents, Johan (b. 1936, Holland) and Ellen Sellenraad (nee Cibula, b. 1933, Czechoslovakia), are both painters. 

Sellenraad had brief guitar lessons at age of 7 from 3rd St. music school. Returned to Guitar at age 15.  Studied with Glenn Alexander.   All schooling until college was in NYC.  Jazz program director at Goddard College was Don Glasgo, also roomed with Gabe Jarrett (drummer) while in Vermont.  Studied mainly with Glenn Alexander Reggie Workman, & Garry Dial while at the New School, from 1992- 1995.  Continued Study with Garry Dial & Paul Bollenback after school. Over the years, Will has had the opportunity to study with many Jazz greats such as Reggie Workman, Jim Hall, John Abercrombie, Gary Dial, and Kenny Werner. Since finishing his schooling, Willem has worked on the New York jazz scene. Will has had the opportunity to play with influential musicians such as Brian Blade, Victor Lewis, Nasheet Waits, Adam Nussbaum, Tommy Campbell, Steve Wilson, Abraham Burton, Ed Howard, Dwayne Burno, and Gary Dial. As a band leader, Willem Sellenraad has performed at the Panasonic Village Jazz Festival in New York, the Discover Jazz Festival in Burlington Vermont, and is a mainstay on the scene in and around New York City, playing storied Jazz rooms such as Birdland, Iridium, and Sweet Basil, most notably opening on New Years Eve for the Kenny Garrett Quartet in 1998 and Art Farmer Quintet in 1999. Before closing in 1998, Willem held the house gig at Visiones for 3 years, drawing in crowds an average of four nights a week.

Root Down: Star Hustler

Contact information:
Will Sellenraad
69 Greene St. #5
New York, NY 10012   USA
tel:212 615-6855
Management- Joanne Klein
130 W. 28th St.
New York, NY 10001   USA
tel /fax: 212 741-3949

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