Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Sensini, Kristian (nickname "Keyes")

Sensini, Kristian (nickname "Keyes"), flutist, keyboardman, composer, arranger; b. Loreto, Italy, 18 November 1976. His grandfather Dino Sensini was an amateur Fisarmonica / accordion player. His parents Andrea and Rita are amateurs artist.

Sensini begins piano lessons with the maestra Matassini, then he continues as an autodidact. At twelve he starts making his first experiments in electronic music and computer music, which will lead him to form several ensemble of modern music (i.e. DrinkwaterBand) with such points of reference as Stockhausen, Cage and Zappa. He then studies composition with the maestro Rusticucci, with whom he is still collaborating in the field of musical education and pedagogy; besides, he studies flute with the maestri Andreani, Jousdottic, and Adami. After getting the classic school-leaving certificate, he attends the DAMS (Department of Music and Performing Arts) in Bologna, and directs his studies towards musical education and anthropology. Among his personal researches there are studies in the so-called "descriptive" music of composers such as Carl Stalling and Scott Bradley, studies in medieval music, jazz and music for films. In 1998 he attended a Laboratory of musical informatics and new technologies at the studios of Electronic Music of the Conservatory of Bologna (maestro Camilleri). In 2000, he had a seminar meeting with Goran Bregovic, "Balkan Melodies between cinema and music". He studied laboratory of electroacoustic composition with Tristain Murail and Salvatore Sciarrino. Summer courses of the Berklee College of Music of Boston held in Perugia during Umbria Jazz. He studies flute with Matt Marvuglio, improvisation with Mark White, composition with Orville Wright and Greg Hopkins and takes part in the seminars of Winton Marsalis, James Moody and Gary Burton. He does work as composer and arranger with Carlo Gargioni (famous Italian arranger producer and sideman). In 2001, he won a scholarship of $5000 awarded by the Berkelee College of Music (Boston) to the most praiseworthy students at the clinics held in Perugia (Umbria Jazz 2001), when he studies with Matt Marvuglio, Dave Clark, Jim Oldridge, Mark White and Jeff Stout. From 2002 become a member of the DAMS Jazz Orchestra conducted by Teo Ciavarella, others members are, among others, Antonio Marangolo, Roberto Manuzzi, Pasquale Morgante. He played with Hiram Bullock, Paolo Fresu, Hengel Gualdi, Pietro Condorelli, Lucio Dalla, Tino Tracanna. In 2003 he started his own quintet The Brookolino Quintet that propose original song and original arrangements of standards and movie music. From 1993 to now, he's played thousands of gigs with The Roaches, Trote Nokohori, Brookolino quintet, Dams Jazz Orchestra, Keep Out . Partecipations to Umbria Jazz Festival, Bologna Jazz Festival  Jazzfriends.it and Baraccano Jazz Festival, he play at Umbria Jazz Festival, Alma Jazz, Umbria Jazz, Jazzfriends.it, La scuderia ( Bologna), Cantina Bentivoglio ( Bologna), Teatro comunale di Bologna, Jazz Cafe, Supestar awards ( TV show for RAI ).

Music's Tales (1996); No Drugs or Nuclear weapons allowed inside (1997); Useless An Motive To Himself (1998); The Roaches: I favolosi Beatles (1999); Fulvio Rusticucci: New Songs (1999); EpifaniafotogenA (2000); Mens Rea: Musica Babelica (2000); D Sine Fine (2001); Entropia (CD-ROM) (2001); Easy Listening...with Care (2002); Instrumental Landscape (2002); Latin Vibe (2003); Sounds from middle earth (2003); The Roaches: When on the Radio (2004); Latin Vibe 2 (2004)

Radio broadcasts:
His music is often aired by Mediaset (Italian private television) and RAI (Italian national radio ) as jingles and background music.

His song Lord of the Rings was for a month at the first place in the most downloaded song of mp3.com, first in the film music chart, 4th in the classical music chart.

Interview (in Italian ) at jazzconvention.net : http://www.jazzconvention.net/Rsensini.html

Contact information:
Kristian Sensini
Porto Potenza Picena 62016 ( Mc) Italy
phone: +39 3381280158

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