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Serrato, Paul (Bentio Paul)

Serrato, Paul (Bentio Paul), piano; b. Omaha, NE, 21 January 1936. He spent his childhood in Nebraska, California and Michigan. His mother is Emma Espinosa (b. El Paso, Texas). His father is Benito Serrato (b. Mexico).

In the 1940's, Serrato did piano studies with Cecil Berryman, Omaha. In the 1950's, he was school band soloist, pianist. Francis Kennedy, S.J. was the director, Creighton Prep, Omaha. In the 1960's, he studied Harmony/counterpoint with Frank Wigglesworth at The New School, NYC, did jazz piano studies with Hall Overton at The New School, NYC, and studied musical composition with Darrell Peter in NYC. In the 1970's, he attended a stage band clinic with Clem de Rosa at Manhattan School of Music, NYC. In the 1980's, he studied Artistry in Arranging with Joseph Boyer at Mannes College of Music, NYC. In 1990, he attended a Small Group Ensemble Clinic by Mark Shemaia at Mannes College of Music, NYC. From 1994-5, he studied musical composition and Latin music studies with Delfin Perez at Empire State College (Boy's Harbor Performing Arts Center), NYC.

Nexus (1989-90); More Than Red (1993-95); Neon Palm Tree (1994-95); Origami (2004)

Television broadcasts:
The Joe Franklin Show, WOR-TV, NYC, Nov. 1990
See How It Is with Musa leBam, Ch 16, NYC, Aug., 1993, Sept., 1993
The Shirley Gifford Show, Ch. 56, NYC, Feb. '99, May, '99, Nov. '99
Deborah Cooper's "Not Limited", Los Angeles and NYC, 1996
An American Family (PBS), episode 2, 1971
A Death in an American Family (PBS), 2003
Sex in the City (the Farewell) 2004
A and E Biography of the Year 2003
Dweezil and Lisa (Puerto Rico) 2004

Radio broadcasts:
Lee Lowenfish (Arts Magazine), WBAI, NYC, 1990
Caroline Wilson (Open Stage), WDCB-fm, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 1990
Tom Mongelli (Jazz'n' More), WDHA-fm, Dover, New Jersey, 1990
Marc E. Copeland (Jazz Influences), WFDU-fm, Teaneck, N.J., 1995, 2002
The Jason Crane Show: WGMC Jazz Radio, Rochester, N.Y. 2002
Marc E. Copeland: Jazz Influences, WFDU-fm, Teaneck, NJ; 2004

Documentary: Superstar in a Housedress, 2004 release.

Unissued recordings:
Video: Live at Birdland, NYC, 1995; Audio tape: Band rehearsal workshop sessions, continuous in-progress documentation of original Serrato compositions and classic jazz repertoire: 1987-2003 (present); Four songs from Vain Victory (1971); "I'm Starting All Over" sung by L.D. Frazier, Serrato, composer and pianist. (1973)

The Wall Street Journal: Enterprise by Barbara Marsh , Nov. 1991
Soundtrack Journal, August, 1991
Chelsea Journal, NYC, April, 1993
Metroliner: Empire State College , NYC, Dec. '96, Spring, 2002

Michael P. Gladstone  Origami  (All About Jazz.com) June 2004
Cheryl Hughey CD Review Corner : Origami (All About Jazz.com); May 2004
Turiya Mareya  More Than Red  Jazz Review.com  Spring, 2002
Paul West  More Than Red  All About Jazz.com Spring, 2002

Contact information:
325 W. 22 St.
New York, NY 10011
Ph/Fax 212 242 7936

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