Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Seuffert, Matthias (Bernhard)

Seuffert, Matthias (Bernhard), clarinetist, saxophonist, arranger, educator; b. Kronberg a. Taunus, Germany, January 29, 1971. While he was a child, his family (father Wolfgang (b. 1940) and mother Maria (b. Dott, 1944) lived in Bad Homburg a.Taunus and moved to Muhlheim a. Main, where the family remained and brother Klaus was born (1975).

Matthias had flute lessons from about age 6 to 9 and piano lessons with Jelka Murell at the age 8 to 16. He took classical clarinet lessons at the age 12 to 19 with Josef Merz and (more extensively) with Gunther Brumby. In 1986 and 1987, he won two music competitions at music school Muhlheim. About the age 14-18, he studied classic Jazz clarinet styles with Reimer von Essen (Barrelhouse Jazzband, Frankfurt, Germany). At the age of 17, he started performing classic Jazz and Swing with several bands around Frankfurt a Main. After graduating from secondary school 1990, he spent his basic military service (until 1991) as clarinetist of the Stabsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr, Siegburg. While studying physics (from 1991 onwards, diploma (masters) 1997) and education (from 1997 onwards, state examinations 1999 and 2002), he studied the saxophones and eventually joined the Dreamboat Serenaders (performing Duke Ellington's small band arrangements from t he 1930 and 1940, Cl. W. Jacobi's Bottomland Orchestra (performing the music of Clarence Williams) and his own Trio, the New Orleans Memories (performing Jelly Roll Morton's compositions, mainly), Miss Lulu White's Red Hot Creole Jazz Band (Breda) and the Chicago Footwarmers. From 1989 onwards, he played as sideman and increasingly as a soloist on numerous international festivals and jazz events including such in Chicago, New York, London (UK), Breda (The Netherlands), Gothenborg (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden), Marciac (France), St. Raphael (France, Prix Sidney d'Or 1992), Ascona (Switzerland), Berlin and Frankfurt (both Germany). He has regularly performed with British pianist Keith Nichols, Swedish trumpeter Bent Persson, Swiss multi-instrumentalist Rene Hagmann, British drummer Trevor Richards, British trumpeter Keith Smith and occasionally with Australian multi-instrumentalist Tom Baker, American trombonist Dan Barrett, American trumpeter Jon-Erik Kellso, the Barrelhouse Jazzband (Frankfurt) and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra (London). He has recorded CDs in Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and in the USA, some of which are jazz-historic projects. He has prepared about 200 transcriptions of solos from players ranging from Johnny Dodds to Benny Golson, his personal, blues-based style reflecting these influences. Together with his wife Gisela (born Muller, 1971), he moved to Reading, England in January 2002 and has been part time-educator at the Jazz Faculty of Trinity College of Music, London, since. He has also taught and lectured at the Classic Jazz Workshops in Ascona (Switzerland) in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and a summer academy near Cologne, amoung others.His work includes arrangements for most of the CDs he has recorded and, increasingly, compositions. Recently, he has arranged rarely performed compositions of Buck Clayton for the Buck Clayton Legacy Band, which he co-leads togeth er with British writer and string-bassist Alyn Shipton. Prix Sidney d'Or (St. Raphael, 1992)

22th Oude Stijl Jazz Festival Breda: 3 live recordings (1992); Cl.W. Jacobi's Bottomland Orchestra: A Tribute To Clarence Williams (1993); Ploner Jazztage (1994);
4th International Unicum "Bohem" Ragtime Jazz Festival 1995: 3 live recordings (1995); 26th Jazz Festival Breda: 1 live recording (1996); The Chicago Footwarmers (1996); Keith Nichols & The Cotton Club Orchestra: Harlem's Arabian Nights (1996); Jens Lindgren: Jesse's Jazz Bands (1996);Cl. W. Jacobi's Bottomland Orchestra: Vol. II (1997); KPM Music Ltd, London: New Orleans To London (1998), Roads To War pt. 1 (1999); "Pam" Pameijer's New Jazz Wizards: The Music Of Louis Armstrong, Vol. I (1999), The Music Of Louis Armstrong, Vol. II (2000); Miss Lulu White's Red Hot Creole Jazzband: My Sweet Lovin' Man (2001); Matthias Seuffert & Keith Nichols/ The Blue Rhythmakers: Toogaloo Shout (2001); "Pam" Pameijer's New Jazz Wizards; Remember Johnny Dodds, featuring Matthias Seuffert (2002); Trevor Richards Classic Jazz Trio: Reeds Write, Vol. I (2002)

Unissued recordings: 
1989-2002: about 20 hours of private unissued CDs, MDs and tapes from diverse concerts

Contact information:
42 Beech Lane
Reading, Berkshire, RG6 5 PT, United Kingdom
(44) 118 9314461

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