Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Sevian, Lauren

Sevian, Lauren, baritone sax; b. Port Jefferson, NY, 14 July 1979. She was born into family of father Walter Sevian (b. 1940), mother Susan Sevian (b. 1943), brother Greg Sevian (1974) and sister Raina Sevian (1976). 

At the age of 5 Lauren started the piano, studying with her mother Susan, and at the age of 9 she started the saxophone under the influence of her brother.  At the age of twelve she started private lessons with Jeff Lange and discovered jazz.  In high school she switched her focus to alto saxophone and flute, until she discovered the baritone. She  performed with numerous all-county jazz, all state jazz and symphonic band, the tri-state grammy and all-american jazz ensembles; as well as professionally.  Her sophomore year of high school she appeared on the cover of Newsdays part 2 edition.  At the age of 16 she was given the chance to perform alongside the Count Basie Orchestra for winning an "Outstanding Soloist" competition; the next year she performed the star spangled banner to open for the Basie Band.  At the suggestion of Justin DiCioccio; director of the all-american grammy jazz ensemble, Lauren applied to the Ma nhattan School of Music for her undergraduate performance degree; majoring in jazz saxophone performance (focusing on the baritone sax).  While attending Manhattan she studied saxophone with Mark Turner, Steve Slagle, Joe Temperley, and composition with Mike Abene.  Some of her classroom teachers included Chris Rosenberg, Ted Rosenthal, Mark Soskin, Joan Stiles, Dick Katz, Ira Gitler, and Richard Sussman.  After her third year of school, Lauren took a leave of absence for a semester to perform in Europe with the Diva all female jazz big band.  After that fall, Lauren came back in the spring and finished on time May 2001.  Since then she has been freelancing, performing and recording with various musicians; including the Mingus Big Band, Frank Lacy's Vibe Tribe, Earl McIntyre's Big Band, Diva, the Artie Shaw Orchestra, the Benny Goodman Tribute Band, the Harry James Tribute Band, the Van Dells, the Gary Wofsey Orchestra, the George Gee Orchestra, the Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, the Istanbul Orchestra, JC Hopkins Big Band, Steelin' Dan, the Elephunk Band, and singers Liz Winick, Josh Weinstein, and Deian McBride.  Lauren has performed in concerts and festivals all over the US, in South America, and all over Europe with different bands.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Liz Winick: Sunlights Path (2000); Elephunk: For Rent (2002)

She appeared in the 2003 motion picture "Mona Lisa Smile".

She has appeared on the covers of Newsday and the Boston Globes music sections; she was in Saxophone Journal as an interviewee

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