Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Shadwick, Keith (Robert)

Shadwick, Keith (Robert), saxophone; b. London, England, 24 July 1951. He was born to parents Leonard and Vera Shadwick. He was their second son (older son, Ian, born Pinner, Middlesex, 1948). Family migrated to Australia in 1960. Secondary and tertiary education in Australia, finishing with B.A. (Hons) at Sydney University (1973).

Shadwick started his musical tuition in early teens, learning saxophone and theory from private tutor. Later added flute. Played in high school bands during high school, but with move to Sydney 1970, formed jazz-rock (fusion) band Sun with drummer Gary Norwell and bassist Henry Correy. Band played east Coast of Australia, including Melbourne, 1970-73, and had various notable Australian musicians and singers through its ranks. Played with many Aust. jazzmen in this period, including John Pochee and Roger Frampton. Many articles and write-ups of band at this time. Sun split 1973. Began writing music journalism around this time. In 1974 joined 1930s-cum-50s revivalist Sydney band Uncle Bob's Band, a collection of musicians with wide talents, ranging from meticulous re-creations of Django Reinhardt Swing-Club repertoire to more experimental types of music an even the spot of Hank Williams. During this band's life (1974-76) also played with splinter groups at special "concerts" and "evenings" in Sydney and Melbourne calling themselves 'The Super Straights' and 'Hot Club de Balmo', often using members of Captain Matchbox, a Melbourne based band with similar musical inclinations. Big change of direction next (late 1976) into ultra-modern (of the day) rock type band, in Melbourne, with a front line of sax (me), electric violin and guitar, plus vocalist, called Bleeding H earts. Band broke up 1997. Joined High Rise Bombers (Melbourne), 1978, with some of the remnants plus singer Paul Kelly.

Moved to England, mid 1978. Bands in London all blues or rock based. By early 80s, working in record and music industry in many capacities, including writing, consultancy, marketing. From 1985-89 ran RCA UK's classical and jazz marketing departments. He did usic journalism all through this period. Married in 1986. He's had two children since - Jay, 1988, and Louis, 1990. In 1992, he went freelance. He's since worked in even wider set of roles, including presenter on radio programmes, Classic FM and BBC radio, 1992 - late 90s and occasionally today, consultant and programmer for Music Choice Europe, 1992 - present, and Jazz Editor and contributor to Gramophone, 1992-97. Also consultant and writer on opera and classical music series. Currently finishing major study of the music of Jimi Hendrix. Regular contributor to Jazzwise magazine. These days he plays sax with some good friends and tend to err towards the 20s and 30s for songs to play.

Sun: Sun (1972); Trio album (unissued, 1973, 1980); Uncle Bob's Band (unissued album, 1976); What Happened (1977)

Books by Shadwick:
The Illustrated Story of Jazz (Crescent USA, WH Smith UK) 1991
The Gramophone Good CD Guide to Jazz (editor, two editions,1996/97)
Blues: Keeping The Flame (Chartwell, US, Apple, UK, 1998)
Jazz: Legends of Style (Chartwell, US,Apple, UK, 1998)
The Tower Guide To Jazz on CD (UK edition, 2000)
The Guinness Guide To Classical Composers (Guinness, 2000)
The Classic FM Hall of Fame (Virgin, 2001)
Bill Evans: Everything Happens To Me (Backbeat, 2002)

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