Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Shahar, Arik

Shahar, Arik [Arie Dan], guitar and bass; b. Israel, 4 August 1964.

His father`s name is Eliahu Shahar born in October 1924 in Alexandria Egypt and move to Israel in 1951. His mother`s name is Henriet Orit, born in 1933 in unis and move to Israel in 1950. She died in September 1973 at Haifa. His father is a former chemistry eng. and his mother was a nurse.
He was born in Israel in 1964 and grew up in Haifa city. Started to play on age of 10 drums and percussions. Arik is only a self taught musician. From there he moved on to guitar and bass. He played with rock bands in Israel such as the "Haverim Shel Natasha", "Avtipus" and more. In 1985 he made significant musical transition started to play fusion, jazz and funk. He joined the Fusion group called "The Danny Shlosberg Orch." They started to play in jazz clubs all over Israel. This change made him to move to US in order to study music and  develop himself as a musician. He has recorded with Avraham Felder trumpet & flugelhorn, Nathan Birman, trumpet, Vitaly Austrin, trombone, Nitzan Ein Habar, saxophones, Avi Adrian, piano, Asher Peddi, drums, Shay Miara, drums and Yoni Madar, drums and percussions.

His wife's name is Miriam and she's a teacher in school. His children's names are Ruth, Simon, Tamar, Sarah, Ester, Eliyahu, Shmuel, and Yael. He lives in Israel in the city of Benei Berak in the area of Tel Aviv.

Closer Than Ever(2002)
City Rhythm(2005)

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