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Shank, Kendra

Shank, Kendra (Ann), vocalist, guitarist, percussionist; b. Woodland, CA, 23 April 1958.

Lived in Davis, CA until her parents' divorce in 1966 when she and her mother (b. Patricia Currier, 1930 in  New York, NY) moved to San Diego, CA.  Kendra remained in San Diego through high school, with the exception of one academic year (1967 - 1968) in Davis, CA with her father (b. Theodore Shank, 1929 in Brawley, CA) and step-mother (b. Adele Edling, 1940 in Litchfield,  MN).  She has one brother (b. Stan, 1955 in Fort Ord, CA).

From the ages of 5 through 8, Kendra acted in plays at the Davis  Community Theatre and at the University of California Davis, where  her father, a playwright and author, taught playwrighting.  Her  mother was a singer and actress (she appeared in Our Gang comedies  and Hollywood films as a child) who later taught junior high school  Drama, Speech and English.  Kendra's step-mother is also an award- winning playwright and teaches at UC San Diego.Kendra briefly took piano lessons at age 8, and studied oboe for one  year at age 10, playing in her elementary-school orchestra.  From the  age of 11, she sang in church groups and, at 13, inspired by her  brother's guitar playing, she took up the guitar with enthusiasm,  taking lessons for 6 months with Bob LeBeau and then continuing on  self-taught.  In her formal schooling, however, she focused on two  other passions: Art (she had practiced visual arts from the age of 7  and studied with a master ceramicist at age 12) and French (she  studied at the Alliance Francaise in Paris in 1975 and was fluent at  age 19).

During her freshman year of college (Pacific Lutheran University,  Tacoma, WA) she sang and played guitar at open mikes on campus and at  age 19, while in Paris, France, performed in the subway and sidewalk  cafes for tips.  On her return to the States she began gigging in  bars and restaurants as a solo act and continued her part-time music  career through college, receiving her BA from the University of  Washington, Seattle in 1982 (double BA in Art and French, magna cum  laude).  Upon graduation, she went into performing music full time,  establishing herself on the folk/pop scene in Seattle, WA and touring  colleges on the west coast, with occasional stints as a French  "chanteuse" in various French restaurants.

Inspired by the music of Billie Holiday, Kendra made her first  exploration into jazz at the 1982 Bud Shank Jazz Workshop in Port  Townsend, WA, where she studied with vocalist Jane Lambert.  (Bud  Shank may possibly be a distant relation, but is obviously not her  father, as has sometimes been printed.)  It wasn't until 1989,  however, that she lost all interest in the music she had previously  been playing and devoted herself completely to jazz. She studied with  vocalist Jay Clayton (a primary influence and mentor) at Cornish  College of the Arts (Seattle, WA) for one semester as a non- matriculated student and then continued to attend Clayton workshops,  while transforming her folk/pop gigs into jazz gigs.  She began  spending half of each year in Paris, honing her skills on the club  scene there, accompanied by pianists Alain Jean-Marie and Laurent de  Wilde and championed by radio journalist Maurice Cullaz.  In Seattle,  she formed a Brazilian-flavored trio called "Zero Gravity" (1990) in  which she sang and played guitar with fellow guitarist Klaus Lendzian  and drummer/percussionist Luis Peralta (formerly with Dizzy  Gillespie).  She also formed a Seattle quintet with John Hansen (p),  Jeff Johnson (b), Dean Hodges (dr) and Hans Teuber (alto, sop, tenor  saxes & flute), playing in festivals and clubs.

Kendra's jazz career blossomed quickly, focusing primarily on her  vocal instrument, and in 1991 she was hired by Bob Dorough as  vocalist/guitarist/percussionist for his west coast tour. She soon  caught the attention of jazz legend Shirley Horn who, in 1992, co- produced Kendra's debut compact disc.  Horn also invited Kendra to  perform as her guest at the Village Vanguard in New York City in  1982.  Ms. Shank relocated to New York in 1997 and recorded two  albums for Jazz Focus Records. Kendra has also played with a host of  other jazz greats, including: pianists Fred Hersch, Bruce Barth, Mark  Soskin, Gary Versace, Kenny Werner; guitarists John Hart, Ben Monder,  John Stowell; bassists Scott Colley, Ben Allison, Ed Schuller, Drew  Gress; drummers Victor Lewis, Billy Hart, Vernel Fournier, Tom  Rainey; saxophonists Billy Drewes, Donny McCaslin, David Binney,  Michael Blake, Tony Malaby; trombonist Jimmy Knepper; vibist Joe  Locke; vocalist Jay Clayton; among many others. She has taken  workshops with vocalists Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan and Rhiannon and  lessons with guitarist Ralph Towner and has, herself, taught vocal  clinics at various schools and festivals, including the Jazz In  Marciac Festival (France) and the Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music.In 2000, Kendra played with Abbey Lincoln for a week at The Blue Note  Jazz Club. Kendra tours internationally, with appearances that  include The Blue Note, Birdland, Iridium, Jazz Standard, Sweet Rhythm  (New York City); Blues Alley (Washington, DC); Scullers, Regatta Bar  (Boston); The Green Mill (Chicago); The Dakota (Minneapolis); Jazz  Alley (Seattle); Kimball's (San Francisco); Jazz Bakery (Los  Angeles); Jazz a Vienne Festival, Jazz in Marciac Festival, Duc des  Lombards (France); Edmonton Jazz Festival, Calgary Jazz Festival  (Canada); Pitt Inn, Body and Soul (Japan); Green Dolphin, Jazz at the  Nassau (South Africa); among many others.

She has been featured on National Public Radio's JazzSet (2001, 2002)  and Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland (2003) and was recognized among  "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition" by the Down Beat International  Critics Poll (1999).  Shank's CD Wish was named a "Top Ten Album" in  Jazziz (1999), and her Reflections CD made the "Top Ten List" of  Newsday and The Boston Globe (2000).

For many years Kendra has had a penchant for non-standard song  material, performing and recording compositions by Renee Rosnes, Red  Mitchell, Bob Dorough, Frank Kimbrough, Kirk Nurock, Henri Renaud,  Jeff Johnson, and others.  She is currently working on a recording  project which will be a collection of songs composed by one of her  mentors,

Victory Music Revue Vol. 1 (1986); Afterglow, with the Larry Willis Quartet plus Gary Bartz (1994, recorded 1992); Wish (1998); Reflections (2000)

As sideperson:
Jim Pepper/Claudine Francois Trio: Camargue (1989); Randy Halberstadt: Clockwork (1995); Peter Leitch: Blues on the Corner (2000); Abbey Lincoln: Over the Years (2000)

Radio and television broadcasts:
TV: The Art Popham Show, KTPS-28, Tacoma, WA (1989); TV: Ruth's Music  Corner, KCCP-TV, Kansas City, MO (1995); "Transcontinentales", Radio  France/France Culture, live performance with Alain Jean-Marie Trio  (1994); "Around New York", WNYC-fm, live performance (1996); "JazzSet  with Branford Marsalis", National Public Radio (2001); "JazzSet with  Dee Dee Bridgewater", National Public Radio (2002); "Piano Jazz with  Marian McPartland", National Public Radio (2003); "Soundcheck", WNYC- fm, live performance (2003); Numerous radio interviews across the  U.S. and in France (including WBGO-fm, WKCR-fm, WBAI-fm, KPBS-fm,  KPLU-fm, KCSM-fm, many others)Unissued recordings and videos:

Live at "Jazz at the Nassau", Cape Town, South Africa (2004); Live at  "The Dakota", Minneapolis (2004); Live At Iridium Jazz Club, NYC  (2001); one song is edited on video (2 cameras) and broadcast-ready;  Live At Seattle Art Museum (2001); studio session with Frank  Kimbrough (p) (2000); Live At The Flea Theatre, NYC (1999); studio  session with Miles Black (p), Rick Kilburn (b) (ca. 1997); studio  session with Seattle quartet (1996); Live At Speakeasy, Seattle  (1996); Live At Jazz Alley, Seattle (1996 & 1994); studio session  with Randy Porter (p), Jeff Johnson (b) (ca. 1994); Live At Vienne  Festival, France (1994), recorded by Radio France; Live At Jazz Is  Toulon Festival, France (1994); video: Live At Blue Note Jazz Club,  NYC (1998); -about 1500 hours of private tapes & MDs (not  professionally recorded) of gigs/concerts (from 1985 on)

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Grant recipient: "The Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions" by Arts International, September 2000.

 (posted July 15, 2004)
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