Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Sheridan, Michael

Sheridan, Michael, guitarist; b. Melbourne, Australia.

Sheridan performed in the suburbs during the early 70's in a band with drummer John Murphy named Mandrix . He studied jazz guitar with Bruce Clarke from 1979 - 81 and played in small combos and The Young Odyssey Big Band. Looking to broaden the musical horizons he shifted to Sydney in 1982 to form 'no wave' group Great White Noise including drummer Tony Buck and saxophonist Sandy Evans. Encouraged by improvising musician Jon Rose, he started playing bass guitar in the free style improv trio Slaughter House 3, with Rose on violin and John Gilles on drums. Shifting back to Melbourne in 1984 he formed an industrial/noise band with Jamie Fielding called TransWaste. In the late eighties he joined Ollie Olsen's machine/thrash group NO developing 'low tech' real time sampling techniques. In November 1990 Sheridan headlined the Melbourne Noisefest as a part of the Experimenta festival. He headlined at the 1992 Noisefest. Sheridan reunited with John Murphy and bassist David Brown in the trio Dumb and the Ugly.

Europe and Asia welcomed (a few times) the 90's 'hyper mix' of Peril, a group formed by Tony Buck. Buck reunited with Sheridan and was joined by Otomo Yoshihideand Kato Hideki- Tokyo 'noise' improvisers whom were a part of (alto saxophonist USA) John Zorn 's stable of Japanese musicians that pioneered the noise movement extending the boundaries of what is perceived as jazz music globally. Since then Sheridan has: played live with Kerri Simpson, played as a side man for ARIA Award winning saxophonist Mark Simmonds and worked as producer for groups Foil, Scourge and Organic. He also released a death metal/techno track under the name Leather Butoh. Sheridan has also recorded with Primitive Ghost produced by Ollie Olsen. Also, he played guitar on the Martin Wesley-Smith album documenting the life of the Timorese youth titled Quito. Continuing a diverse range of musical production he stages a Jazz group Tet Quint Tet , an electro jazz group named Astral Streaming and he continues to write in the electronic and acoustic music forums

PostTransWaste'85 (1985); Max Q; Scaleshak; Dumb and the Ugly (1992); Kerri Simpson: The Arousing, Speak; Digital Jamming; Martin Wesley-Smith: Quito; Further recordings have been made with Primitive Ghost, Monique Brumby ,David Bridie and Ju Ju Space Jazz .

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