Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Siebert, Tanja

Siebert, Tanja, singer, also trombone; b. Berlin, Germany, 9 December 1972. She grew up in Berlin. Her mother is Gudrun Elfriede Lina Siebert (born 24th of November 1937) and her father is Dietrich Burkandt. Her sister is Britta Gerbinski (born 18 September 1963).

Siebert took private classical singing lessons with Bernhard Raddatz from 1995-2000, took jazz lessons with various singers e.g. Kati Schifkowski in Berlin. Piano lessons with Andreas Kersthold and trombone lessons with Soren Fischer and Jurgen Hahn. Theory lessons at the jazzschule berlin. Her first concerts were mostly as a duo with Canadian guitar player Eric St. Laurent. In 2001, she founded t he Tanja Siebert Quartet with Dan Robin Matthias on piano, Lars G'hlcke on bass and Matthias Klein on drums. Since 1998, she's been singer and trombonist at the jb-Big Band. She has lived together (and worked together) with stand-up bassist Lars Guehlcke (21st of Feb 1972) since 2000. No children yet.

Dan Gottshall: Christmas Time Is Here (2002); Small Day Tomorrow - A Tribute to Bob Dorough and David Frishberg (2003)

Radio broadcasts:
She started working at JazzRadio Berlin in 1998 as a presenter for different shows (night, evening, midday). Was employed till end of 2000. Since 2001 she has been freelancing for JazzRadio Berlin. Since then she have been presenting the midday show from 10:00 - 14:00h from Monday to Friday and 12-14:00h on Sunday. She used to have a two-hour interview show called "Jazz Portrait" where she talked to people (musicians, politicians, actors and actresses, journalists etc) who are "jazz fans" about their passion and their favourite records.

Contact infmoration:
Tanja Siebert
Mobil number in Germany 0179/ 225 71 71

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