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Solla, Emilio (Jorge)

Solla, Emilio (Jorge), pianist, composer and arranger; b. Mendoza, Argentina, 29 October 1962.

While he was a child, Solla's family moved to Buenos Aires, where he grew up. His father, a crooner and bass player in a non-professional jazz band (who passed Emilio his perfect pitch and his love for music) died in 1971. At the age of 8 he began to study piano at the National Conservatory, from where he got a degree with high qualifications. At the age of 17, he started to get interested in jazz music, through pianists like Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea and Bill Evans, and quit the classical training to begin his composing and improvisation studies. In the following years, he completed studies in harmony, counterpoint and conducting. In 1983 he joined Apertura, a sextet that followed the modern tango line begun by Astor Piazzolla, and there he found the roots of the musical language he has been developing until the present: a fusion of tango and Argentinean folklore with jazz and contemporary chamber music. His parents had friendship with some of the most outs tanding folklore musicians of Argentina, such as Hugo Dias and Jaime Torres, so this was his childhood music, and the tango arrived in the Buenos Aires period, mainly through Piazzolla`s modern view of it. In the 80s he played gigs and made records with singers of all styles, from rock to traditional tango, from folklore to jazz, with some of the most popular artists in his country (Jorge Sobral, Miguel Cantilo, Cecilia Rossetto), while he continued to compose and play his own music. In 1993 he moves to Barcelona, in search of a place where he could develop artistically (crisis in Argentina). Since then, Solla is being more and more well known in his new town and is playing often around in Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland, etc.). In 1999 he toured in Japan with quena player Jorge Cumbo. He has been invited to play at 2004 edition of North Sea Jazz Festival.

Three CDS under his own name including Suite Piazzollana

Contact information:
Emilio Solla
+34 93 454 8801

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