Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Spadoni, Roberto

Spadoni, Roberto, guitarist, composer, conductor, teacher; b. Rome, Italy, 10 December 1963.

From 1987-1989, he was teaching assistant for the Orchestra Laboratorio conducted by Bruno Tommaso within the "National Siena seminars". In 1987 took part in an ensemble conducted by Paolo Fresu at "Jazz Bussi Festival". From 1993-1995, he did specialization CEE course for jazz composers and executers at Siena Jazz with Bruno Tommaso, G.Gazzani, M.Raja, G.Trovesi. Large concert activities with Italian Young Orchestra conducting his own works in many Italian cities. With the quartet Aporia he produced the dubbing of Buster Keaton and the first 1900s avant-garde Dadaism and Surrealism movements films. This show has been repeated in many Italian places. In November 1995, he set up the M.J.Urkestra, an 18 elements big band which has been performing monthly concert activities since then. It also took part in reviews and festivals with an original works repertoire and Afro American authors arrangements.

In 1996, he wrote on commission a piece for Siena Jazz Orchestra on tour with J.Taylor, P. Danielsson and P. Erskine (La felce e il mirtillo) which has been executed in Italian festivals. In association with Paolo Sorge and commissioned by the cultural association "L'Arsenale" in Pisa he produced the dubbing of a well-known full-length film "Gold Rush" by C. Chaplin; this duo has performed many concerts. In 1999, he started a collaboration with the choreographer Anna Mastrangelo On the 25th March 20000 he took part in "Sisma Festival" in Pescara with different ensambles, including G.Trovesi, R.Fassi, E.Fioravanti, A.Avena and Gunther Schuller as conductor. In the same period he wrote some arrangements for string quintet and piano on B.Evans pieces for Pessoa String Sestet and performed at "Ciampino Jazz Festival".  With the partecipation of Sandro Satta, Andrea Avena, Ettore Fioravanti, he started the S.P.J.Q. group which has made its debut in July at Jazz Festival in Ferentino. He is art director and teacher coordinator of "Jazznet", review of -lessons broadcasted on line in Internet, which includes the attendance of some of the most popular Italian musicians. In 2001, he did art direction for "Le Orchestre di Roma a Palazzo Altemps", festival of jazz-orchestra from Rome. In May he is invited in Berlin to conduct the "I.I.C. Orchestra" with some of the best Berlinian jazz musicians for the festival "Jazz Aus Italien" festival. He did art direction for "Archeojazz", jazz festival in some of the most important archeological area in Rome (June - July). He presented the "Stringtet" project with a jazz trio and a string quartet and music by Gershwin, Tchajcowskii, Debussy and originals. He is teacher of jazz harmony at "Siena Jazz", the most important jazz workshop in Italy (July - August). In November 2001 he presented a conference about "T. Monk, the rhythm virtuoso".

He has contributed as arranger, composer, conductor, guitarist with G.O.N. (Grande orchestra nazionale dell'A.M.J.), Marche Jazz Orchestra, Orchestra Giovanile Italiana (Siena Jazz), Big Band Citta di Udine with J.Walrath and B.Tommaso, Sardegna Jazz Orchestra , Besansson City Orchestra with L.Cluny and E.Lelann, Jazz Repertoire Orchestra (Paris), Orchestra "Tre passi nel delirio" with K. Wheeler (Roccella Jonica 1992), and Testaccio Jazz Orchestra with Marvin Stamm. He has conducted the teaching orchestra of "SPM Villa Gordiani" and of "Universita della Musica" (Rome, Italy). He performs teaching activity in SPM in Testaccio (Jazz Harmony and Arrangements), Universita della Musica (Harmony and Arrangements), SPM in Villa Gordiani (Modern Guitar and Ensamble Music), Insieme per fare (Modern guitar), and Seminari Nazionali Senesi (Jazz Harmony). He has worked with Michael Abene, Andrew Homzy, Brian Priestley. He performs concert as guitarist with his own groups, as conductor (M.J.Urkestra) and as Free-lance (composer, arranger, conductor, guitarist).

Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna: Scrivere in Jazz (1997); M.J. Urkestra: Mingus (1998), Urkestra! (2001)

Radio broadcasts:
The Aporia quartet has been invited to "Radiotre Suite" broadcast; On 25th April 1999 M.J.Urkestra has been invited by Radiotre to represent Italian jazz in the "European Radios day" devoted to D. Ellington centenary year of his birth.

With the Aporia quartet and in association with "Istituto Luce" he has produced "Hic sunt Leones" using African 20s and 30s unpublished images. The video has been presented at "Cremona jazz festival" and "Jazz Image" festival at Villa Celimontana (Rome).

1988 First prize at the Jazz Orchestra Composition competition "Barga Jazz" with the piece "Song for Pablo"
1991 Finalist at the Jazz Orchestra Composition Competition "Besansson city" (France)
1992 First prize at the Composition Competition for atypical ensamble "Roccella Jonica- Rumori Mediterranei" with the suite "Ulisse e l'arco" executed at the festival by an orchestra including Kenny Wheeler, Maurizio Giammarco, Danilo Rea, Mariapia De Vito, Dario Deidda and conducted by Roberto Spadoni. The concert has been broadcasted by Radiotre and Rai2
1994 First prize at Jazz Composition Competition "Scrivere in Jazz"(Sassari) with the piece "56 Balene Bianche". Special mention by the "Rumori Mediterranei - Roccella Jonica"Competition jury
1995 Second prize at Barga Jazz Executers Competition (P.Sorge- R.Spadoni Duo)
1996 Finalist at Jazz Composition Competition "Scrivere in Jazz"(Sassari).
1998 In June Special mention by "Scrivere in Jazz" Competition jury (Sassari).
1999 Finalist at Barga Jazz Competition.

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