Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Springer, Christopher (Leo Marr)

Springer, Christopher (Leo Marr), guitar; b. Vancouver, BC, 28 January 1966. Chris was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. by parents John and Evelyn Springer.

Springer's interest in music began at an early age with the piano but, at age 11, he switched to the guitar. Early experiences playing were in high school rock bands. It wasn't until 1986 when he started, with Craig Ducommun, the improvisational rock group Crazy Fingers that Chris became an active member of the Vancouver music scene. After playing with Crazy Fingers for four years Springer left for Hollywood, CA to attend the guitar program at The Musician's Institute. He returned after a year and, with Ducommun, began The Harvesters. This band was also rooted in the improvisational rock genre. The band enjoyed moderate success locally and also toured across Canada and down the west coast as far as San Francisco. The band split in '94 after which Chris moved to New Orleans. While there he hooked up with some local musicians with whom he continues to be in contact. Before leaving for New Orleans Springer applied to the Berklee College of Music and found out that he was accepted while still in Louisiana. He moved back to Vancouver in May of '95 to prepare for his move to Boston. In August of '95 Springer moved back to the States. Chris left Berklee after 8 months and moved back to Vancouver to start a new band with his long tune collaborator Craig Ducommun. The band was called G.W. Downe and had a distinctly Steely Dan sound to it. Although the two were still writing lyrics the move toward instrumental music was beginning. G.W. Downe lasted for about a year when the two decided that a new approach was necessary.

Lagniappe  (unreleasd 1997); Ghosts (unreleased, 1998); The Springer/Ducommun Group: Germinal (1999), Opaque (1999), Two Weeks From Everywhere (2001)
As sideperson:
Crazy Fingers: Crazy Fingers (1990); The Harvesters: The Edge Of Suitability (1992); Compilation: That's It? That's All! That's Everything (1995); Multimedia Dance Performance: Becoming Sophia (2000); Motion Picture Soundtrack: Nine Days Wonder (2001); Adrienne Pierce: Small Fires (2001); Jessica Farrel: Today (2001), The Void (2001), Tim Hughes (2002)
As producer:
Gabriel and Voltaire: Amiraj (1991); The Harvesters: The Edge Of Suitability  (1992); Compilation: That's It? That's All! That's Everything (1995)

Laughing Under Water (1998); The Mongolian Falcon (2001)

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