Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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St. John, Hattie

St. John, Hattie, singer; b. Christchurch, New Zealand, 1948.

St. John started her working life as a musician at the age of 16 when she bought her first guitar and a few months later was working in the popular Wellington Folk Clubs, The Monde Marie, The Chez Paree & The Balladeer. After several years she took time out from her career to start a family. Beginning again in 1976 in Auckland she started performing at parties and festivals and in 1980 formed her first band Hattie & The Havana Hotshots, her first introduction to Swing and Latin. For the next 15 years St John lived and worked in Auckland where she worked with many  Seeking fresh challenges, this enterprising jazz and blues singer set out to explore Europe in 1995 and Berlin drew her like a magnet with its vibrant music scene. Now full time in Europe, St John is based in Berlin where she has appeared in The Philharmonie, The SFB Radio Hall  (Sender Freies Berlin) many international hotels, and other venues. In 1999 St John was the vocalist for the Polizeiorchester Berlin and recorded with them several times over the next few years. Another highlight in 2002 was singing at the 32 International Dixieland-Festival with Jazzmakers Berlin.

Hattie and the Havana Hot Shots; Sweet Harmony: Let Yourself Go (EP); Hattie St John Sings Jazz Live At The Regent (1991); Flying High At Iguacu (1995); Polizeiorchester Berlin: New Wave (1999), Super Nova (2000); Jan Molenaar Big Band: Trav'lin' Light (2000); Always On This Bad Girl's Mind (with Kat Baloun) (2001); Alive In Berlin (2002); Adios Nonino (2002); We're On Our Way (with Heinz Glass) (2003);

"Flying High At Iguacu" which was nominated for Jazz Album of The Year in the New Zealand Music Awards.

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