Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Stewart, Bob (Robert Alvin)

Stewart, Bob (Robert Alvin), tuba; b. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 3 February 1945.

He lived in New York, N.Y. 1947-53, Newport, R.I. 1953-60, Philadelphia, Pa. 1960-68 and New York, N.Y. 1968-present. Before 1947 he was in either or both Knoxville, Tenn or Cleveland, Ohio. He was brought up by his mother's parents from his birth (his mother was in school and working and his father was traveling playing baseball), Reverend Alvin James Simmons and Mayme Render Simmons; they died in 1982 and 87 respectively. The reason he lived the three places had to do with his grandfather pastoring different churches and they moved about every 7 years. Bob's father was Riley Anderson Stewart (March 14,1919 to Dec.10, 2001). Born in Benton, LA, he played baseball in the Negro League and was inducted in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1991. Also was athletic director and principal in Shreveport, LA high school. His mother was Florence Render Simmons (born 1919 - died 1951). She worked for the dean of Columbia University and died of TB (tuberculosis). His step-mother is Myrtle Tea (Tea being a Native American name, her father was full blood Chockaw). She was born around 1921 and is still living in Shreveport, LA. His siblings are Riley Anderson Stewart, Jr. (b. Jan.30, 1943, Baton Rouge, LA) and Louis Render Stewart (b. May 30, 1950, New York, N.Y). Bob studied at 1960-62 West Philadelphis H.S. Wendel Pritchett was his music teacher. From 1962-66, he went to Philadelphia College of the Arts, for his Bachelors Degree. From 1978-80, he went to Columbia Teachers College. From 1994-96, he went to Lehman College, Bronx, N.Y. for his Masters Degree.

He has taught in the public schools of Philadelphia and New York for over twenty-five years, having experience in the classroom with elementary school, middle school, high school, and college-level students. He retired from the Board of Education in 2002 and his last position was Director of Jazz Studies at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts where he directed the jazz program for ten years.  He is now a faculty member of the Juilliard School and Distinguished Lecturer at Lehman College. As a professional tuba player for over thirty-five years he has performed and recorded with groups including those led by Gil Evans, Frank Foster, Carla Bley, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, McCoy Tyner, Sam Rivers, Henry Threadgill, Arthur Blythe, Lester Bowie, Howard Johnson, Don Cherry, Nicholas Payton, David Murray, Taj Mahal, Freddie Hubbard, Wynton Marsalis, Charlie Haden and many others both in the United States, Europe and the Far East.

He was married to Patricia Tucker, Lynn Hamilton, and then Elektra Kurtis, Violinist. His son is Curtis James Stewart, Violinist - October 1 1986.

First Line (1987); Goin' Home (1988); Then and Now (1996); Heavy Metal Duo (2004); Exalted Conversation Duo (2004); Rainbow Country (2006)
As sideperson:
Carla Play: Escalator Over The Hil (1970); Taj Mahal: The Real Thing (1971), Happy Just To Be Like I Am (1971); Paul Jeffery Family (1972); Charles Mingus: Let My Children Hear Music (1972), Charles Mingus and Friends In Concert (1972); McCoy Tyner: Song of The New World (1973); Roswell Rudd: Numatik Swing Band (1974); Art Ensemble of Chicago: Fast Last (1974); Mike Mantler 13 and Carla Bley 3/4 (1984); Machito: Afro Cuban Jazz Moods (1975); Bill Lee, Billy Higgins, Bill Hardman: The Brass Company (1975); Gil Evans: There Comes a Time (1975); Phoebe Snow: Second Childhood (1975); Rickie Boger: Slow Down Baby (1975); Carla Bley: Dinner Music (1976); Gil Evans: Synthetic Evans (1976); Carla Bley Band European Tour 1977 (1976); Hamiet Blueitt: Hamiet Blueitt (1977); Arthur Blythe: The Grip (1977), Bush Baby (1978), Lenox Avenue Breakdown (1978); Carla Bley Band:Musique Mecanique (1978); Gil Evans Orchestra: Live In Germany (1978); John Carter - Bobby Br adford All-Stars: Recorded in Germany (1979); Globe Unity Orchestra: Compositions (1979); Arthur Blythe: Illusions (1980); Muhal Richard Abrams: Mama and Daddy (1980); Chaka Khan: Naughty (1980); Edward Vesala: Heavy Life (1980); Gil Evans: Live at Royal Festival Hall London 1978 (1981); Italian Radio Big Band: Jelly Roll (1981); Arthur Blythe: Blythe Spirit (1981), Elaborations (1982); The Globe Unity Orchestra: Intergalactic Blow (1982); McCoy Tyner: 13th House (1982); Arthur Blythe: Light Blue (1983); The Carla Bley Band: I Hate To Sing (1984); Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy: I Only Have Eyes For You (1984); Hal Wilner: Tribute To Monk (1984); David Murray Big Band: Black Saint (1984); Arthur Blythe: Da Da (1985); Bill Frisell: Rambler (1985); Gunter Hampel New York Orchestra: Live At Sweet Basil (1985); Lester Bowie's Brass: Avante Pop (1986); James Baldwin: A Lovers Question (1986); Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy: Twilight of Dreams (1987); Ray Anderson: It Just So Happens (1987); Steve Turre: Viewpoint (1987); Carla Bley: Fleur Carnivore (1988); For Real Moments, Songs and Dances (1988); Herb Robertson: Shades of Bud Powell (1988); Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy: Seirous Fun (1989), My Way (1990); Don Cherry: Multi Kulti (1990); Gebhard Ullmann and Andreas Willers: Suite Noire (1990); Arthur Blythe: Hipmotism (1991); David Murray: Big Band Album (1991); Chris Joris: Songs For Mbizo (1991); Lester Bowieis Brass Fantasy: The Fire This Time (1992); Lauer, Puschnig, Stewart, Alkier: Blue Bells (1992); Bobby Watson: Tailor Made (1992); Hal Winer's Presents Weird Nightmare: Mediations ON Mingus (1992); Giora Feidman: Klassic Klezmer (1993), The Dance of Joy (1993); Sonny Rollins: Old Flames (1993); Geigen Ono: Bar Del Mattatoio (1994); Howard Johnson: Gravity (1995); Max Roach: The New Orchestra of Boston (1995), The So What Brass Quintet (1995); Cheryl Crow (1995); Arthur Blythe: Night So ng (1996); John Clark: I Will (1996); Carla Bley: Oct. 25th (1996); Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy: The Odyssey of Funk & Popular Music, vol.I (1997); Haze Greenfield: Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz (1997); Howard Johnson and Gravity: Right Now! (1997); The Heath Brothers: Jazz Fmily (1998); Arthur Blythe Trio: Spirits In The Field (1999); Uri Caine: The Sidewalks of New York (1999); James Baldwin: A Lovers Question (1999); Gary Smulyan (1999); Juan Pablo Torres (2000); Nicholas Payton: Dear Louis (2000); Lester Bowie: When the Spirit Returns Vol II (2000); Arthur Blythe Quartet: Focus (2002);

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