Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Stolyar, Roman

Stolyar, Roman, composer, piano; b. Novosibirsk, Siberia Russia, 6 December 1967. His parents, Solomon Stolyar (father) and Sofia Epshteyn (mother), are both engineers.

Stolyar received his first musical experiences at state music school. Then, being a student of Novosibirsk Institute of Electrical Engineering, he made his first steps to studying jazz - first privately, then, after his decision to leave the career of engineer, at Novosibirsk musical college where he entered in 1989. His teacher was Igor Dmitriyev, the most famous Siberian traditional jazz pianist and educator. He's studied music at Novosibirsk music school #6 (piano), 1972-79, Novosibirsk music college (jazz piano), 1989-91, Novosibirsk Glinka State Conservatoire (composition), 1991-96, and Novosibirsk Glinka State Conservatoire (post-graduated education, Master degree) 1996-99. While studying jazz at the college Roman chose the way of contemporary and free jazz enriched by elements of classical composing and folk roots. His first project, a duo together with excellent drummer Mikhail Wolfovitch, was formed in 1990 and made its first concert in Novokuzn etsk on the annual Jazz Piano Festival. After Andrey Turygin, alto saxophone player, joined them, they started to perform as STS trio. Soon their group was invited to join the ALOHA project according to USSR-USA intercultural program, and they spent two weeks in Hawaii in January 1991. Soon he entered Novosibirsk State Conservatoire in September 1991 where he studied classical and contemporary composition and electronic music with Prof. Youry Yukechev, outstanding composer experienced both in classical and jazz music.

After graduating from Conservatoire he continued his career as a jazz pianist playing in different collectives (including Alter Ego, the jazz duo together with Andrey Turygin, and New Generation led by tenor saxophonist Vladimir Timofeyev) and, besides, he created a number of compositions in modern "classical" manner but with elements of free improvisation. His music became soon known thanks to his collaboration with Pavel Sharomov vocal ensemble that commissioned him three cantatas and a large stuff of arrangements for them. He also made some works for theatres (including two musicals for children theater "Smile") and, ultimately, was invited as a principal composer to Novosibirsk Academic Theater "Globe" in September 2000. As an educator he works at the jazz department of Novosibirsk musical college where he has developed his own training course "Theoretical Foundations of Jazz Improvisation." In the very beginning of year 2000 he and young singer Yelena Silantieva created a new duo called Shanti which now gives Roman the opportunity to manifest his skills in a way of integration of different kinds of music, including jazz, rock and folk music. Another group Roman created just recently is free improvising trio Trigrafica (together with Mikhail Sergeev, percussion & noises, and Vjacheslav "Slava" Murin, ethnic flutes, tuba and handmade instruments) which has just made its successful performances on different art exhibitions in Novosibirsk.

As a piano improviser, Roman Stolyar has participated in many festivals and concerts of jazz, improvisation and contemporary music in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Slovenia, Poland, Denmark and UK. He has collaborated with many outstanding musicians including Anatoly Vapirov (Bulgaria), Youry Kuznetsov (Ukraine), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (Denmark), Hans Schuettler, Heinz-Erich Goedecke, Ge-Suk Yeo (Germany), free jazz groups Kieloor Entartet and Day & Taxi (Switzerland), Duo Havlovi (Czech Republic), folk band Lot Lorien (Bulgaria) and others. He has released CDs under the labels of Ermatell Records (Novosibirsk), Electroshock Records (Moscow) and Falcata-Galia Recordings (CA, USA). Since 1992 Roman Stolyar cooperates with annual Summer School of Contemporary Dance as an accompanist in class of modern dance. He has collaborated with numerous modern dance teachers & choreographers such as Nelson Fernandes, Christin Carter, Marina Collard (UK), Colin Connor (USA), Randall Scott (Holland), Torbjorn Sternberg (Sweden) and others. In February 2000 Roman Stolyar was chosen a member of Russian Composer's Union.

He was married on June 23, 1994 to Svetlana Stolyar (Koinova), a choir conductor. His daughter is Maya Stolyar (born March 15, 1996). She is studying flute at Novosibirsk music lyceum since 2001.

New Generation: Journal of Jazz Immunology (1994); Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference: Sound Scapes (2001); Credo (2002); Straight and Strange (2003)
Unnisued recordings:
Music for play "Gamblers" (2000; piano improvisations + Meditation (2000); Trigrafica: Music of Unexisting Nations (2002); Unreleased records of music written by R. Stolyar but without his appearance: The Gospel, cantata n 1998, Jabberwockie, cantata n 1997.

Music for theater (all plays premiered in Globe theatre, Novosibirsk): Gamblers (premiered January 27, 2001), Marquise De Sad (premiered March 21, 2002), Bembi (premiered November 1, 2002), Ali Baba and 40 Bandits (premiered October 24, 2003)

Theoretical works (all unpublished):
Theoretical foundations of Jazz Improvisation (1991)
Jazz Harmony: Problems & Solutions (1994)
Compositional Elements in Contemporary Improvisation (1998)

Stipend of Novosibirsk City Government (1992)
Stipend of Union of Composers of Russian Federation (2001)
Grants of Open Society Institute n 1998, 1999
Grant of European Cultural Institute - 2001

1992 - Music OBERIU, vocal cycle for bass voice and piano; Trakai Suite, for three recorders and harpsichord
1993 - Ave Maria, for soprano and piano CREDO RS, concerto for soloist-improviser and tape Firstly performed by author, May 27, 1993, Novosibirsk Conservatoire
1994 - An American Screenplay, trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano
1995 - Jabberwocky, chamber cantata for five voices, string quartet and harpsichord; Firstly performed by Pavel Sharomov vocal ensemble, String quartet of Novosibirsk Chamber Orchestra, Yelena Popovskaya (harpsichord), February 11, 1997, Novosibirsk Philharmonic
1996 - Con Fusion, concerto for jazz orchestra; Without Don Juan, music for modern ballet (realized on synthesizer); Firstly performed by Theater Of Contemporary Dance Leaded by Natalia Fixel, February 26, 1997, iProgressi art club
1997 - The Gospel of William Blake, cantata for five voices, strings and drums; Firstly performed by Pavel Sharomov vocal ensemble, Camerata string orchestra, Drums group of Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra, September 30, 1997, Novosibirsk Philharmonic
1998 - Averything Or Nothing? for piano solo
1999 - Awakening, poem for orchestra; Meditation, for soprano recorder and tape; Firstly performed by author, May 5, 1999, Club K4, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2000 - Songs of the Seasons, vocal suite for female voice, piano/recorders and tape; Another Side of Rock, 12 arrangements of rock songs for five voices, strings and rock band; Firstly performed by Pavel Sharomov vocal ensemble, Camerata string orchestra, iAnatomy of Souli rock band, May 17, 2000, Novosibirsk Philharmonic
Divertimento in Rock, for string orchestra; Firstly performed by Camerata string orchestra, May 17, 2000, Novosibirsk Philharmonic
2001 - A Book of Christmas, cantata for soloists, choir and symphony orchestra; Firstly performed by Pavel Sharomov vocal ensemble, Marcello Voices chamber choir, Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra, December 27, 2001, Novosibirsk Philharmonic
2002 - Requiem Rag (a tribute to John Cage) for piano solo


Contact information:
Roman Stolyar
16-17 Krasny prospekt
630007 Novosibirsk
Siberia, Russia

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