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Suchankova, Elena (also known as just Elena)

Suchankova, Elena (also known as just Elena), vocalist, arranger, lyricist; b. Brno, Czech Republic, 12 October 1965.

Elena began singing in grade school. Growing up in an East Bloc country, Elena had little exposure to jazz other than by listening to swing recordings from her grandmother's collection.  After finishing high school she moved to Prague, studied social law and then went on to the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory of Music (1989-1994).   While in school she began gigging in and around Prague and in 1993 was featured in a radio show with Big Band Radio Praha.  Elena also joined the Causa Bibendi Orchestra.  Causa Bibendi won acclaim for its innovative arrangements of 1920s and 1930s jazz for string instruments.  Elena continues to perform with Causa Bibendi at venues and festivals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland.  Elena's work in modern jazz started in 1992, when she began performing in Prague's jazz clubs as a guest vocalist with various trios and quartets.  The band includes vibraphone, bass, guitar and drums, and on occasion, a guest woodwind soloist.  Jocose plays original compositions as well as its own arrangements of standards.  Elena has been performing regularly with JocoseJazz since 1996 at jazz clubs and festivals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Elena recently began attending classes at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

You Go To My Head (2001)
As sideperson:
Causa Bibendi: Opus One (1993); Twin Quartet: Twin Q & Elena (1995); Causa Bibendi: Modry Svet (Blue World) (1996); Shriners 2002 compilation CD

Broadcasts and films:
Big Band Radio Praha (1993), live radio show at Jazz Club Reduta, Prague.
Musical short film aired on Czech TV with Causa Bibdeni (1994)
Big Band Radio Praha radio show (1994)
Interviews on Czech radio and TV (1993-2002)
Interviews on radio WSHA, WLRN, WUCF (2003)

Harmonie Review, September, 2001.  Review of You Go To My Head.
Interviews with several Czech and German newspapers (1994-2002)
Review of "You Go To My Head,",  JazzNow.com (2002)


Contact information:
Boston: (617) 233 3187
Prague: +420 2 71745226
Worldwide mobile: +420 602 371509
C/o Michael Sonenshine
+1 617 645 2652

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