Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Taba, Dean (Kyo)

Taba, Dean (Kyo), piano; b. Honolul, Hawaii, 21 May 1963.

He attended Berklee School of Music (1982-84) and Grove School of Music (1984-85) where he studied with Joel DiBartolo. Taba began his musical studies on the piano at the age of 6 and played french horn in the Hawaii Youth Symphony. It was a desire to play in the high school jazz band that introduced him to the bass and improvised music. After extensive studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and a refinement of his skills on both the acoustic and electric bass, Dean relocated in 1984 to Los Angeles.

Also a clinician and educator (Los Angeles Music Academy, Musician's Institute, Cal-Poly Pomona, Grove School of Music) Dean has recently performed/recorded with David Benoit, The San Francisco Symphony, Andy Summers, The American Jazz Institute Orchestra, Dave Koz, Hassan Hakmoun, The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeff Richman, Bill Watrous, and many others as well as playing on countless CDs, TV shows, and movie sound tracks.

In spite of his busy schedule, Dean is always sure to devote time to writing music for his own projects.

More Is More (2003)
As sideperson:
Mark Masters Jazz Orchestra: Back to Balboa (1991), Priestess (1991), Jimmy Knepper Songbook (1993); Merge Left: Ask for Lisa (1993); Kilauea: Spring Break (1993), Midnight on the Boulevard (1994); Cecilia Coleman Quintet: Young and Foolish (1994), Home (1995); Jeff Richman: Last Arrival (1995); Kilauea: Full Circle (1996); Daniel Ho: Canoe Club (1997), Watercolors (1998); Jeff Richman: Sand Dance (1998); Brad Rabuchin: When Smart Dogs Go Bad (1998); Uncle Festive: Get Sassy (1998); Andy Suzuki: Andy Suzuki (1999); Chad Edwards: Resolution (2000); Andre Caporaso: Avenue Five (2000); Jeff Solon: Somehow We Met (2001); Daniel Ho: Finding My Way (2001), Coolest Drop of Rain (2002); David Benoit: Fuzzy Logic (2002); Shapes: The Last Farewell (2002)

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