Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Tassone, Pierre

Tassone, Pierre, violinist, composer and arranger; b. Troyes, France, 26 October 1955. His parents are Roger Tassone (born 1925) and Pierrette Boudoire (born 1924). He has two brothers, Jean Tassone (1947) and Marc Tassone (1957).

Raised with a lot of classical music around him, Pierre was taking his first musical education at the age of 7 at the Conservatoire De Musique et des Arts Dramatiques of Lyon, France. Due to his father's activities in the bank sector, the family moved quite a lot to different towns in France. After a long break caused by school studies and difficulties to accept the music academy's insistence on the existence of only one music (classical), Pierre only took the violin up again at the age of 18, while living in Cannes. This was to be the definitive opening to a broad musical world, which led him to a participation in progressive rock bands like Soon or Dies Irae, then later to jazz-rock, experimental electronic music and finally jazz. His jazz sextet was selected for the first international jazz competition of Paris La Defense, which would later become a renowned institution on the French jazz scene..

Pierre moved to Denmark in 1983 and while working as a music teacher, led different bands like the fusion group &quot;French Connection&quot; and different kind of jazz &quot;string&quot; trios with guitar and contrabass as well as himself on violin. Much of the 80's were spent in composing, teaching, hard work on new soundscapes for the violin and acquiring a solid experience in computer technologies (MIDI, sequencers, mixing, etc.).</p> <p>In 1988 Pierre founded a music mail order - Music By Mail - whose goal was to provide the necessary educationals to musicians, schools and teachers. As a coincidence this happened at about the same time as the appearance of the now renowned and leading music publisher Sher Music, which then launched the first of their &quot;New Real Books&quot;. In the 90's Pierre got acquainted with New York based pianist Michael Jefry Stevens, whose  approach towards composition attracted him. They met quite a few times in Denmark but only appeared together on stage during a single concert in the late 90's.

One of the toughest projects realized by Pierre took shape in 2001. He was contacted by a classical string quartet, all members of the symphonic orchestra from Riga, Latvia and was asked if he would write arrangements of jazz standards for them. Started 6 months of work and unending exchange of letters, faxes, telephone calls before they finally met together in October 2001 for the final recording, resulting in the release of a CD.

Since 2002 Pierre is member of the Danish based group "Taylor's Free Universe," whose music is based on free improvisation added electronic modern technology like samplers, loops, tapes and live effects. This band features the danish saxophonist Karsten Vogel, of Burning Red Ivanhoe and Secret Oyster's fame, two leading groups of the Danish rock scene in the 70's. Taylor's Free Universe has been nominated in 2004 to the Danish Jazz Awards (best jazz release of the year) and in 2006 to the Italian Progawards.

Rock Criticks: Pile Ou Face (1980); Jean-Fran&ccedil;ois Papin: Insane Dances (1982); String Quartet Difference: Take Care Of The Difference (2001); Taylor's Free Universe: File Under Extreme (2002), On-Plugged in Elsinore (2003), 9-Eleven (2004), Family Shot (2005), Manipulated by Taylor (2006); Jon Hemmersam: Tales Of Two And One (2003)

 Taylor's Free Universe concert recorded by the Danish Radio at Copenhagen Jazz House on September 11, 2002.

 Unreleased recordings include the official French Connection demo tape (1987), studio recordings as a session musician for a camerounese leader and various live recordings of jazz trios, computer demos.

  Wrote for the French music magazine Rock En Stock in the late 70's.

Contact information:
  +45 65 98 23 05

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